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Book Hangovers 10 years ago
Wow!!! That's something I can relate too! The excessive drinking!
I was a fan of the booze! From the ages of 15 to 30, all I did was party and drink. Then it got really out of control between ages 26-30. That's when I was drinking all day every day!
Until Feb 2012, I had an ultimatum: booze it or lose it (my family that is)
Reading was the cure. It was The Hunger Games trilogy, cigarettes, candy and soda that saved me during that horrible week of No alcohol! Now my addiction is with reading, I have a healthy relationship with my family and I'm happy! You know Booklikes and Goodreads helps me as well as reading! I've met a lot of awesome people and made some really great friends joining these sites!!
I'm glad I got to know a little about you and I hope you accomplish all your goals!!!
Happy Reading ♥♥♥