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No. Damn it. I hate installments. Kill this trend.
I tend to avoid installment writing most of the time. It seems rather pointless.
And just money making...and I am impatient.
I can see why people might struggle with having to pay for serial writing, even if it's only a buck. I got this as a freebie and just requested the second installment on Netgalley.
Yep, those are the ones I try to see if I like them. I read the first in Cole's The Professional. That one wasn't too bad. It had a good resting place but I haven't picked up the rest.
I actually liked The Professional, although at least that was more of a novella than a few chapters. This short was literally a short, haha. I requested Professional Pt. 2 and they never answered whether or not I was approved, which was odd.
Me either.