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Kaia 5 years ago
I hate all licorice. I won't even go near it over here, because it's really potent. Especially the Danish stuff, which has ammonia in it. Literally.

And let me tell you, I miss those cups. Here in Sweden, they give you a test tube. Seriously. A tiny, thin little test tube. The cup is like trying to pee into the Hoover Dam in comparison.
Atunah's Romance Haus 5 years ago
Holy cow are you kidding me? I can't even aim into a cup, they seem to get smaller and smaller, but a tube? I'd have to take a shower afterwards and they'd need a good floor cleaning lol. It does not come out in a straight stream people. Not even in the same direction stream for that matter.I Keep playing catch up. But a tube? Oy.
Moonlight Snow 5 years ago
I hate the taste of black licorice.

I might have had trouble peeing in the cup until I had children, and had to pee in a cup twice a month. Practice makes perfect.
I wish I'd gotten better with practice! It seems like I always have the cup either too far forward or too far back. Drug tests for work and pregnancies (they make you do it monthly!) are when I've had to battle the damn cup.

I hate black licorice too. And the licorice jellybeans. And tarragon (but not fennel for some reason, which has a similar flavor).

I do love red licorice (twizzlers, red vines, etc.) and chocolate licorice though.
Also, I don't seem to have a problem with jagermeister, which is probably odd if I don't like licorice.
I HATE black licorice with a passion. Tastes like poison to me. Ughh.

And I still have problems peeing in the cup even post child.
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
I've never had trouble peeing in a cup unless I had trouble peeing period.

Black licorice in vines, jelly beans or jujubees -- gross. Star Anise, anise and Ouzo in meats and desserts, for some reason I like fine. Jagermeister I like just fine but it does not like me.
Not so 5 years ago
I love black licorice, in every form and salmiac (or salty licorice) is the best! But hey, I'm from Finland, so it's in my blood to like it.

Hate, hate, hate peeing in a cup, can't do it, impossible.
So is it a Europe thing to be more prone to like licorice? You're the second person today who's liked it from that part of the world.
Funny you should say that. My mom is from Germany. LOVES black licorice.
Funny you should say that. My mom is from Germany. LOVES black licorice.
Heh - maybe it is a European thing - both parents are from the Netherlands and while I love black licorice, I hate hate hate the zout (salt) Dutch kind ::shudders::
Not so 5 years ago
Salty licorice is a Finnish and Danish thing, don't know about licorice.
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
Most of my family loves licorice. Just myself and one uncle dislikes.
Book Hangovers 5 years ago
hahaa! I remember answering those question too! ;)
You don't even know how hard it is for me to think of new questions every week! I had to borrow some I'd used before!
Atunah's Romance Haus 5 years ago
I am from Germany, I hate hate licorice. It makes me gag. My grandmother loved it, especially the ones with the colored candy around it. Yuck. I don't recall my mother eating it either. I think my grandma was the only one really liking it in my family. She would plow through the Haribo bags, or the other brands I can't recall now. She kept trying to feed them to us as kids. Yuck. :)
eta: this was suppose to go under Stacia,
I like the Haribo gummy bears, but crack up over the Amazon review regarding the sugar free ones and the bathroom issues those cause!
Tackling Mt. TBR 5 years ago
I hate licorice as does everyone in my family except for my mom. I'm not sure if it's a European thing, but my mother did spend many of her formative years there, so I think it's a good theory.

I HATE peeing in the cup. I'm not good at it and it stresses me out so sometimes I get performance anxiety.
I once thought a black jelly bean was a grape, this is why I don't trust anything or anyone anymore. Black licorice is what I imagine tar tastes like.

Peeing in a cup used to stress me out, now I just go in knowing and accepting the fact there will be pee on my hand shortly.
Sandi 5 years ago
Love black licorice, have a big bag of Licorice Allsorts, would like to know where to find/get some of that salty licorice, (I'm in the US). Haven't had trouble with cup since first pregnancy.
I've ordered other items from - they have a whole section devoted to licorice:) Their cheeses, especially the Gouda and Leidse are wonderful too.
Sandi 5 years ago
Thank You!
Oh - the peeing in a cup thing - I hate it!
Black licorice tastes like bad medicine.

As far as peeing in a cup; I can't seem to go pee when it's time to pee in a cup.
Don't like any licorice or jagermeister.

I was in the military for nine years, so I got really good at aiming. Trouble was I can't pee on cue, so I ended up drinking so much water I would get stomaches. During pregnancies, no need for the water binge. Practice makes perfect.
Okay, so more people on this site are less adept at cup peeing than they are over at Goodreads. At least I don't feel as insecure about it now. I was starting to get a complex over how many pro peers there were!
How are you all escaping the dreaded cup? Don't those ever come up at regular exams?
Tellulah Darling 5 years ago
Hate black licorice. Strictly red. And not nibs either. My daughter broke my bladder when she was born. Yet despite having to pee 300 times a day, when it comes to that cup, suddenly, no matter how much water I consume, I am a draught.