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Not gonna ask, not gonna judge. Shall only say this...

(1) LOVE! the Monsters, Inc. pic
(2) this book gets a star just for the alliteration in the title

It was a group read of mine. I don't seek out much monster porn on my own, but I'll go along for the uh...ride when others are reading it, so about once a month I get to pick up the weird and crazy stuff.

Monsters Inc. was a super cute movie. The MU sequel was okay, but not the same.
Jamie's Book Blog 5 years ago
What? I thought everyone was attracted to hydras :/
Imagine THAT coming out speech to your parents.

Multiple heads would definitely have have their uses though.
Rule 34....
How did I not know about rule 34 before now? I could have used that reference on multiple occasions.
I didnt know about it myself until I read some Cracked articles lol
Either way, I'm so filing this reference away in my brain for use later.
Mounted by the Minotaur. I love these titles. If you're gonna do cheese, you gotta commit all the way.
Just keep your eyes closed and enjoy it, I guess. Imagine it's 3 men, hah.