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1. I don't cuddle much, to be honest, though I'm not opposed to doing it.

2. I've always been a science/health person, so definitely those two subjects. Health was probably my favorite because of the sheer number of things I learned/did that were fun; my teacher was a lot of fun.
I like to cuddle for about 5 minutes or so, and then GTF off me.
My favorite subject in school was language and history. I had hopes for combining the two and become a language historian of some sort, but then life stepped in and laughed at my plans.
hippieed perceptions 5 years ago
Hands off for the most part. I have my moments, but as a general rule I need my personal space.

My fave subject is between history or science. In college it has been Anatomy. We worked with cadavers in lab and it was the coolest stuff ever. My husband calls me Dexter because I would get way too excited over it. It was totally awesome to see all of that in person though.
I'm not a cuddler.

My favorite subject in school was History of Rock & Roll, and Wines of Europe.
Rashika, The Book Owl 5 years ago
hands off.... I need breathing room.

and favorite subject... hard question.. :P School is/was not my thing but if I had to pick one though it would definitely be Social Studies.
1. I cuddle, especially with the kiddos.
2. History, English, Geography, French, natural sciences, and social studies (economics, political science, etc). I am quite the nerd, lol. Hate math and business courses.
I love seeing everyone's answer and how different the answers are.

There are very few people that I feel comfortable hugging. Pretty much my husband and kids are the only ones who don't make me feel awkward. I will hug friends and other family if they initiate it, but rarely go out of my way to do it on my own.

I think I cuddle my kids a lot because there's nothing warmer than the hug of a child.

In long-term relationships, I'm not a big cuddler. I love that feeling of lots of kissing and cuddling when I'm fresh in a relationship (that new and intense feeling is always fun), but after I've been with someone for a while and know that we're solid, I find that I need my space back again. It does not bother me in the least to get right down to having hot sex without a ton of kissing or cuddling beforehand, and I'm okay with not having to cuddle afterward.

I hated history when I was in school, but I love to read about it now in books or watch historical shows. I'm not sure what changed along the way.

I also hated science and math, but those things haven't changed, although I do like speculative fiction.

English/Reading/Spelling, etc. were always the classes I could hold my own in. I went to the state competitions for private schools for both spelling and poetry writing.

During my mild stint in college, I enjoyed speech (because I'm a showoff, duh), sociology and anthropology. Sociology with a focus on world studies was going to be my major had I continued.
Also, my husband has weird timing and always wants to hug or cuddle when I'm on the way to the restroom or kitchen. Get off me, I want a snack!
Derrolyn Anderson 5 years ago
I like a lot of cuddling in the infatuation stage, later on, not so much. I cuddled the crap out of my babies, LOL.

Exactly. Cuddling is fun when someone is new to you. Then after you know them a while...not so much. But that's a trade-off in a good way for a deeper connection with the person.
Tackling Mt. TBR 5 years ago
I'm 100% NOT a cuddler. Seriously, get off me! Either I get hot or my arm falls asleep or the person is breathing on me and I'm a total germophobe... just NO.

Favorite subject in school: history!
Khanh the Killjoy 5 years ago
Cuddling? Fuck cuddling. My routine was sex -> video games. I dated a geek and I was more into gaming than he was.
Sex and video games sounds like a plan.