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I would have stuck instead of running
Spumoni : " P
Taking the fifth on the first one.

And Talenti's sea salt caramel. Yum!
I think I would erase one of my relationships and take a chance on another person I didn't take a chance on.

Sea salt caramel sounds yummy! My all-time favorite is mint chocolate chip, but I'm currently obsessed with Ben & Jerry's red velvet cake (and for frozen yogurt, Ben & Jerry's blueberry vanilla graham - it tastes like blueberry cheesecake to me).
That sounds so good. I want ice cream now, though!
I had a fruit smoothie today. It was good, but not ice cream good.
Haagen Daaz Vanilla Swiss Almond *slurps*
hippieed perceptions 5 years ago
I'd also erase a relationship. It was fun, but it was one of my not the brightest crayon in the box moments.

As for ice cream, Cherry Garcia. I would eat it every day if I wouldn't gain a million pounds by doing it.
Litchick's Hit List 5 years ago
I wouldn't change a damn thing. ^_^

And Cherry Garcia. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and always.

I mean, cool. Cherry Garcia is yum.
Too many things I would change but at the same time don't know if I should change because it would mean some of the good stuff happening now wouldn't be happening...

Talenti's Sea Salt Caramel!
Mmmm. Talenti!
Tackling Mt. TBR 5 years ago
I have way too many things I would erase to pick just one.

Favorite ice cream: Jeni's Banana French Toast. It's so good you actually want to weep from happiness when you eat it.
I wouldn't change anything, learning from experiences is what being human is all about.
As for ice cream, Haagen-Dazs rocky road... oooo the marshmallowy goodness. :D~
I see some flavors on here that I want to try now. Thanks for that.

A local place in my town makes a great yellow cake ice cream too, but it's not anything you can buy at a store.