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I'm in the Phoenix area. The first one I found through my insurance, they were listed as closest to my house. But after we went, I looked on Yelp and...yeah, not good! So I found the second dentist based on Yelp reviews, the second one had almost all 4-5 star reviews on there. And they were right.

I was surprised too, usually my portion on crowns is like $650. But I have never had to pay for a cleaning, unless it was like an under the gums cleaning or something. The cost of living down here is much better than Cali though, so it makes sense this kind of stuff is cheaper too.
Oh ouch! That really stinks. My company offers dental insurance, and it is pretty good insurance too, or I would have just had to suffer and couldn't pay for it. I got bad tooth genetics, both my parents have awful tooth problems.. I didn't have a single cavity until I hit 20 and it all went downhill, thanks mom and dad for that lol.