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What a horrible experience. I hope you'll get it all settled once and for all really soon!
Thank you! It has been quite crazy and despite not having hot water, the feeling of finally being in my home is making me feel better and looking forward to 2020!
4 years ago
Wow, that sounds like a terrible time that you've had. I hope everything goes more smoothly for you in 2020!
Thank you! I think 2020 will be great, since I can work on decorating my new home and making it mine! So maybe it was hard getting here, but it sure makes you appreciate it more!
Oh no, sounds like you have been dealing with a lot. Take care of you and will look forward to your posts when you have the time. Best wishes for a better 2020
Thank you! I have wonderful books,just waiting to be read, so there should be plenty of posts for this coming year and I am looking forward to enjoying all the posts of everyone I follow and learning about more!