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I haven't been able to see the dashboard in almost 3 weeks. I don't know what is going on here. I may try to post reviews today, will see.
It's been months for me. I can pull up the book I'm reading from my blog and post a review, *then* it will load, but only that review or maybe the one prior if I post several fairly quickly. it was down completely last week. I followed a link to their facebook page (which isn't v. active either) and a post that basically states they'll keep it functional (sortof) but no new features. How did you see my post, btw? I haven't seen anyone else's in months.
Hardly anybody is here anymore -- my dashboard feed has dwindled down to something like 3-5 posts per day (and I used to, or theoretically still do follow just about everybody who's been an active contributor to this site over the past years ... even towards the end, well over 100 bloggers, many of whom posted several times a week or even daily). If your feed is even down to zero posts, that just may be due to the fact that everybody you've been following has left -- or has, at least, decided not to post here any longer. (Many people are just staying around long enough to copy and save their contributions before they retire their accounts at this point.) Or it may be because posts aren't loading properly. Either way, this place has pretty much become a morgue ... and BL's statement on Facebook definitely hasn't helped, either, of course.
I wondered. It seemed like there were daily posts up until March or so, then... everything seemed to vanish. I know I took forever to read a book I was reading at the time, because my head wasn't in it, but... It's like dashboard doesn't load at all unless I post something. I hadn't thought though that maybe the people I follow aren't posting.
In March people actually were still here; to many this place was actually sort of a lifeline in the pandemic lockdown then. But most gave up when the site seemed to be going down once and for all a few weeks ago.

Btw, in case you're on Goodreads, many BookLikes have congregated in a group named "The Outpost" there:
I am on goodreads. That is strange. I haven't seen anyone's post since...ok, I'm not sure. I posted something about it in May. I was just checking - someone I follow posted today. It didn't show up on my dashboard feed at all.
That is seriously strange. But, as I said, this place is pretty much a morgue at this point anyway ... :(
I wonder...what browser do you use? Maybe it's not liking my browser. Or my browser isn't happy with it. It's not secure apparently. I'm signing in on my ipad too to see if there's a difference. It's still painfully slow though, but that's been an issue for a while. A bunch of the people I have on my following list seem to have abandoned it years ago.
It's not a question of which browser one uses (FWIW, it's Firefox and Opera in my case); the experience I reported for myself is the one shared by many others, regardless whether they use Chrome, Safari, FF, or whatever else.

BUT I've had a look at the accounts you're following -- they have, indeed, ALL given up posting here. Some already years ago, some last year, and the last person still showing any posting activity in June of this year (WhiskeyintheJar) has since said in the Goodreads group I mentioned above that she, too, has given up on BookLikes and won't be posting here anymore. So that *would* indeed explain why you're not seeing anything showing up in your dashboard feed. :(

(ETA: There are two other people who are still shown as "active" in June / July 2020, but they're apparently just updating their bookshelves or copying and saving their BL content -- both of them last posted any blog posts back in 2019; so they wouldn't have shown up in your dashboard feed since then, either.)

Well... that sucks. And explains so much. I did submit a request to join, btw. I guess it's a good thing I never abandoned my goodreads shelves like so many others did after all the deletions. I wasn't affected by it, btw., likely because I didn't have a "no way in hell" sort of shelf. LOL!

Now to retreat to goodreads and properly shelve oh...several years' worth of read books. (goes off to bang head)