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Murder by Death 1 year ago
Thanks for sharing this; my best playmate when I was 5 drowned on a summer camp day trip to a local lake. I was supposed to go, but overslept. I can't see that lake without remembering him and I wasn't there, so I can't imagine how hard it must be for you to see a swimming pool. Good on you for taking this trip and I hope you have a really lovely time tomorrow. :)
First off, you're not alone as far as not wanting to go out. (Fellow introvert over here.)

Second, I can't imagine how you must feel about going swimming. I think you're very brave. I hope that you can make new, nicer memories tomorrow.
Thanks for sharing your story. Try to find one good thing that happen and I am sure you will end up finding plenty. When I dread something coming, I always think, "in 24 hours this will all be over, enjoy it." or "in x hours (days), it will all be over and then I can move on." I have passed this on to other people and they say it helps. It puts things into perspective and it lets me know, that I still have control of it. Try to have fun and remember, it soon will be over and it will then be a memory.