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Elentarri's Book Blog 3 years ago
Isn't "mortal vampire" something of an oxymoron? After all, the definition of vampire is an undead immortal.
The Villain Library 3 years ago
you're right , i didn't notice that at first
I just read Frostbite earlier this year, and enjoyed it. I have the next two after that, and will probably read them, but they're not a priority? Basically, I just pick them up when I'm feeling meh; they're a good little guilty pleasure? So I don't know if I recommend continuing or not, LOL! Though I know the story really explodes around... the fourth or so book? Like, just gets nuts! I want to read to at least that! xD
The Villain Library 3 years ago
yeah i think i'm going to do the same thing , keep them around and read it whenever i feel like it