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Thanks for the reblog ♥
Of course, my love. I would've done it sooner but for some reason I've been reading all this nonsense from my phone since last night.

Don't ask me why, I haven't a good answer. And I was woken up at 4:30am with the mother of all migraines b/c of it.

♥ you

I've been having migraines lately, too. That sucks. And you are amazing. I'm trying desperately to stay up to date with these scary-crazy death threats and the minions, and sort of preparing myself in case he comes after me next.

I saw all the crazy shaming of everyone who doesn't fit a strict standard he likes - otherkin, demisexuals, etc - so I've got a nice feel for what's in store. So gross.
I wouldn't worry too much about him, Grim. The dude is fucking batshit so there's no logical precautions you could even take. With any luck some random thing will come up for him to hate on and he'll forget about everyone here for a while.

Just keep doing your thing and don't sweat him. And you know we've got your back regardless.
I'm more mentally preparing. Prepared. It... took a really, really short time. His understanding of feminism is laughable. He wrote about 'radical feminists who bitch about video games.' His argument is that because games are made for men, it's alright to objectify women. I mean, that's what men want! And having a fantasy about a women with no armor and planet sized boobs kicking the shit out of things isn't misogynistic - because it's what guys want!

Soooo... Yeah, the logic fails had me laughing. I'm bouncing between laughing my head off and being just completely disgusted.
lol. Yeah, he's not the brightest bulb, that's for sure.

He was posting on Ammy saying things like, 'I HATE feminism!', not surprising b/c it seems like he hates...well, everything, really. But then someone made a remark about the inappropriateness of his being a close to 30 year old interacting daily with teenagers and he said that if he was woman hanging out with minors nobody would care. People only think it's inappropriate b/c he's a man and THAT is why he HATES FEMINISM!

Note: the SHOUTY caps are not mine. Those are all him. As well as not knowing whst feminism actually means. Or sexism. Or most other words.

I hate him calling all these women bitches and saying they shouldn't be surprised they're treated like whores when they dress like sluts.

But I don't hate everything.