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Hahaha...I learned second-hand cuz I was TOTAL angel. Everybody said so! >:)

(One of the horrifying reality smacks of 'growing up'? When you remember something & realise 'oh crap, she was right'... *quickly buries thought* ^.~)

ETA: ooooh, love love love your new(?) background. Lady after my own interior-design-challenged heart :)
Yeah. I'm sure you were just as angelic as I was. :-P

And yes, I have those moments more and more frequently nowadays and it's humbling, to say the least. Worse is when I catch myself doing/saying the same things that I swore as a kid I never would. Grrr.

Re: background. I actually changed this a while back (the only time I've done anything to it b/c I iz lazy) b/c you were complaining that you couldn't read the comments. I think I had a moving background prior to this? Not positive.

Glad you like it though. And I also find it very easy on the eyes. :D
Ha! I see what you did there―pointing out that I was being PITA. (Of course, so long now that I can neither disclaim or deny... beotch!) :P
I learned "Would you jump off a cliff if your friends did?" and "What would happen if your face froze that way?" (I ask the cat that last one all the time now. Only phrased as "What would you do if your ears froze that way?")