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I think you have to block them. Or if they're just commenting on your posts, go to settings on the drop down under the dashboard/home button, go to the blog tab, and allow only comments by people you follow. I've found that keeps out all the creeps.
He just followed me, no commenting. It doesn't look he actually does anything other than post the buy links to his books and follow people.

This is him, since I loathe spammers....
Then he's pretty much impotent. I don't even bother unblocking spammers. After all, if I don't follow them back? I can't really see what they say.

If he starts commenting, block/block him from commenting. Otherwise he's just screaming into the void. Actually, spammers on BL amuse me: they clearly don't understand the platform enough to understand that spamming on BL is useless unless someone does follow you/reblog your post.
You are very wise, Grim. Thank you for the help/info and you're totally right. He's basically just spamming himself. Thanks again, doll. ♥♥♥
You're welcome. And like Books, hockey and a bucketful of snark says, block him if you so desire. It's all how you deal with things. I just got tired of taking the time to block every single spammer. That was time I could be spending reading my erotic magiz--- *cough, cough, shifty eyes, cough cough* Transformers comics. And art books. Oh, yes, the etchings in those!
lol. Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me, dude. ;)
Best kept secret ever :P
He started following me yesterday. I blocked him.
Ugh. Good for you. When I looked he was following 293 people. I can't stand spammers and it was so disappointing to see it happening here. :(
I hate spammers too. And I know that I would only see his spam if I actually started following him, but I have rules, and those rules include blocking spammers.
Well, that'll go over well here. It's only two years late to the party, too.