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Michelle's corner 6 years ago
The Lake District. Have holidayed there. Depends on where you go, and where the hotel is, but ... yes I did a couple of years working in mostly the Netherlands, Munich and Frankfurt. I found that after two years, living out of a suitcase was enough and I needed somewhere to call home. At that time, my name came up for surgery, so I came back to the UK and stayed here ever since.

But that time opened my eyes to other cultures, other ways of living and ... I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

So my advice, is to take the opportunity with both hands, but be mindful that you need an anchor for your heart; your own front door. There will be a time when living out of a suitcase will drive you insane. Let the shine wear off, and then start working out the hard decision.

And the lake district is beautiful, but it can be damn dangerous in bad weather; so if you go walking, don't take the countryside for granted. I nearly died on those hills when bad weather closed in. Learned my lesson the hard way ... as usual.
Unapologetic Reviews 6 years ago
I do have a home, but I'm only renting now, and I'm constantly going to my mum's place for weekends. I really love it and all, but it's getting hard to travel so much, since she lives in another city. I do love my apartment, but I have to get out of Hungary. It's terribly depressing. I don't know, I may just stay in the UK. Maybe I'll have better luck with men there, or something. I'm running out of time. If not that, then I'm planning on writing a lot, and hopefully getting somewhere with that.

Yeah, I've heard about the weather. I don't mind rain a lot, and I'm unlikely to go up too high. I'm very afraid of heights. Hills are nice from the valley. :D Bad weather will probably mean writing if I'm not working.
Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you -- I can understand how excited you are! The Lake District is beautiful (even though it rains quite a lot there, lol, but that doesn't distract from the beauty of the landscape).

I hope your new job is going to give you what you are hoping for -- and also that your fingers / arms and neck are going to get better again. -- I made a similar decision as you did (also at a similar age), except my move was to the U.S. and it wasn't prompted, inter alia, by physical pain! (A story (and an experience) in and of itself ...)

Where in the Lake District will you be living and working?
Unapologetic Reviews 6 years ago
Grasmere. I could move to the US as well, I'm actually a citizen, but I have a couple of chronic conditions that are manageable easily, but I'm afraid that the regular check-ups would be pretty costly.
Well, one thing is for sure -- you won't easily run out of work there! (And I bet in a year at most you'll be able to tell us all about how annoyed the locals *really* are about all those tourists coming to see nothing but Wordsworth's cottage and then departing again -- not before, however, having regaled everyone who doesn't want to hear it with their rendition of the first 2 lines of "Daffodils." :) )

It really *is* beautiful there, though, as is the whole Lake Windermere area.

Seriously -- enjoy and make the most of it! I second everything that Michelle and RedTHaws have written. Good luck!!
Congratulations on the new job! A fresh start in a new place sounds exciting. I haven't gone through anything similar as of yet, but I do plan on relocating a few years after I graduate.
Unapologetic Reviews 6 years ago
Any ideas where?
I currently live on the east coast of the U.S., but I plan on relocating somewhere in the south to one of the southern states. Somewhere warmer where the cost of living is not as high. I'm currently researching. :)
RedT Reads Randomly 6 years ago
Yay, you! This is very exciting. There will be lonely times ahead, sometimes, and maybe second-guessing yourself, but ultimately you should embrace your new life and look for the joy. Because there will be good times too. I think you are extremely lucky and also brave, to take such a big step. It might be a year or two before you realize it, but I'm thinking this change is for the better.
Congratulations and best wishes.
Unapologetic Reviews 6 years ago
I try to not second guess. It's my philosophy that if you can go right and left, and you pick right, and something is not all okay, then always think that you could have died on the path on the left. Or the Doctor could be dead and London have a copy of the Titanic dropped on it.
Thank you!
RedT Reads Randomly 6 years ago
Unapologetic Reviews 6 years ago
I'll keep you guys updated!
Spare Ammo 6 years ago
Congrats on the new job. I hope England is a success for you.
6 years ago
Wow, big changes! The Lake District is gorgeous!
Reflections 6 years ago
The Lake District! Sounds wonderful, congratulations and I hope it goes well.
Olga Godim 6 years ago
Sounds exciting. Change is always good, so good luck in your new life.
Sounds really exciting and fun. Good luck with it all. :D