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Burfobookalicious 10 months ago
Sounds like a bit of a marathon and a commitment - well done! Are there pros and cons to immersing oneself in a single author in that way? I'm mid-series myself (only thirteen books though), but I've deliberately interspersed them with other quite different offerings. I just wondered how you found the experience?
YouKneeK 10 months ago
For most of that time, I was actually only reading about 1 Discworld book for every 4 books I read. Earlier this year I decided to pick up the pace to finish sooner, and I started reading 2 Discworld books for every 3 books.

I do normally prefer to read a series with minimal breaks, though. I like to immerse myself in the setting and have everything fresh in my head, not just to remember the major events, but also to catch those smaller nuances and references that I would likely miss otherwise. Since I don’t do much re-reading, I like to get as much as I can out of my first read. Even though these books mostly stand alone, there are several little jokes and references from book to book and some character arcs that cross subseries.

If I’m enjoying a series, I don’t usually have too much trouble with burn-out. If I take too long of a break, I’m not likely to go back to it at all. This is one of the longer series I’ve read, but the individual books are short, fast reads, so that helped with the pace.