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Debbie's Spurts 11 months ago
Another great review of a great series. I think the amount of travel in this one pushed my own "sluggish" meter (I have an increasingly short amount of patience for traveling characters after decades of fantasy reading) except every time it almost did *boom* excitement.

I wish we could comment/discuss on the book shelvings here, too. And that we'd see the exclusive shelf used (other than planning to read, currently reading and read/rated). There's a huge difference in someone shelving a book as "must read next" "buy next" "recommended" and "not for me" "avoid" "boycott" "horrible" ...
YouKneeK 11 months ago
Thanks. :) Novik does seem to have a decent sense for when she needs to ramp up the excitement to prevent travel tedium from setting in.

I completely agree with you about the custom exclusive shelves. That’s especially a source of frustration for me when I'm running a book comparison with somebody.

Being able to comment on shelving updates is one of the few things I like better on GR versus BL, including with being able to comment if somebody rates a book but doesn’t write a review.
in libris 11 months ago
I've enjoyed reading your reviews of this series, and I think my judgements of Temeraire so far line up pretty closely to yours... except I think I succumbed to tedium more quickly than you! ;)

I love the idea of noting which book is up next... I think I'll "borrow" this idea from you.
YouKneeK 11 months ago
Thanks! I would be thrilled to see other people include the book they plan to read next. I’m always curious, and occasionally want to comment on it. :)
Debbie's Spurts 11 months ago
I think I'll start including that -- subject to library waitlist interruptions. I always read library books first for the sake of next reader on the waitlist.
YouKneeK 11 months ago
Great! :)