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Debbie's Spurts 10 months ago
Not my favorite either. Partly because I felt they literally moved away from the possible places the story would have been taking place and I was starting to feel like maybe we were getting a version of "Around the World in 80 Days" — worried series would start becoming some travelogue instead of the "proper" plot. Partly because the start was potentially interesting at least with it being too long a trip for dragons to fly so had to be on ship with us mere humans. Mostly because they were just treated so miserably and a lot of the book was traveling.

I was pretty mainlining these way too fast by the time I read this one with lots of plot lines and characters I wanted to follow instead of all these new ones.
YouKneeK 10 months ago
They do seem to be visiting a lot of different countries! After reading some other reviews, it seems quite a few people liked this one less than the others. It probably didn't help that the previous book, I thought, was one of the best.
The travelogue continues. But it gets more involved in the main plot, I think.
YouKneeK 10 months ago
I haven’t actually minded the travel too much myself, aside from some slight amusement that they seem to end up in a different country in almost every book. :) Sometimes books with a lot of travel will feel tedious to me, but I haven’t had much trouble with that in this series yet.
Debbie's Spurts 10 months ago
I only minded the Australian one for some reason -- only parts of it because didn't fit the story or move it along.

Being hopefully very careful of spoilers: There's also one book (not the next one) where the part 1 section is in Japan -- lots of reviews said that could be skipped and was angst-y plus long. I skipped because figured could go back to it if seemed pivotal to story or characters. Glad I did (I have finished the series and didn't miss anyhting but one character name that briefly appeared no was mentioned as part of what happened in Japan).

Other than that skipped bit, rest of series I found amazing with no complaints beyond the fact it ended.
YouKneeK 10 months ago
I don’t think it’s in my genetic makeup to skip a section. I either doggedly plow through everything, or I stop reading it altogether, even if afterwards I agree wholeheartedly that I could have skipped it. :)

Did you know she has an anthology of Temeraire stories coming out? “Golden Age and Other Stories”. GR didn’t have it on the series page, so I hadn’t originally known about it. It’s due out in August if Amazon and GR are accurate, but it looks like it's being released in hardcover first. I’ll either wait for the e-book or borrow it from the library.
Awesome; I didn't know about that.
Traditional Fantasy 9 months ago
I just finished the third book of this series, but have lost interest. Temeraire is getting too petulant to keep caring about him.
YouKneeK 9 months ago
I’ve seen a few comments and reviews from people who also stopped reading within the first three books. I’m still enjoying them a lot, and I do think Temeraire has matured a little bit as the series has progressed, but I do think it’s better in this series for people to stop when they decide they don’t like it because the books do maintain a pretty similar style and tone, at least so far as I’ve read.

The 7th book is taking me forever to read, but that’s because I’m working 16-18 hour days right now. I was really enjoying it when I actually had time to read it. I fly home today, so hopefully I’ll finally get some more reading time, assuming I don’t fall asleep. :)
Debbie's Spurts 9 months ago
@Traditional Fantasy, I adored the entire series. But most certainly stop reading when you stop enjoying it. I've learned not to struggle on with a series I didn't like from the very start because well-meaning online friends insisted that at book # it got really good — if I am not liking it or have stopped liking it, it's not enjoyable to slog on through more of it. I might go on if there's just one book or part that needs to be skipped that someone/Wikipedia will summarize for me or if I liked it okay but wasn't sure wanted to continue. Don't even get me started on the friend who insisted a series of full length novels got really good at book #17…

I will say, though, that I thought Temeraire grows out of being immature and petulant. Of course, soon after some even more petulant, selfish, demanding characters come into play — it was amusing to then see a more grown Temeraire having to deal with that. I don't think he ever noticed/acknowledged anything of his earlier self in them when dealing with their petulance. Made the dragons less human and more their own race for me when some of the hoarding, petulance and other instincts were in play.

Throughout later books, he still has to continually work at seeing consequences and trying to see seeing how things would impact Laurence and wider picture for dragons and humans -- that character growth turned into a big draw for me and was one of the more interesting aspects of the series. I found it a satisfactory component in the series finale, but I know other readers actually did not like that aspect of the final book.
Traditional Fantasy 9 months ago
Sounds like it would be worth reading the Cliff notes.
Debbie's Spurts 9 months ago
or the Wikipedia, eh? Although, I doubt either would give you the " feel" of the books or the characters. I almost gave up on the first book until Laurence and Temeraire started growing on me as people rather than as a book about a bunch of naval engagements or re-fighting the Napoleonic War — but, I had also been recently traumatized by Weber's "Off Armageddon's Reef" with its endless naval ordinance descriptions to slog through. If Temeraire doesn't grow on you, certainly abandon the series.