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...Bookfanatic 9 years ago
Sorry the manga didn't work better, that sucks.
It just got more and more disjointed, and I got less and less interested.

However, Hellraiser and Pinocchio Vampire Slayer made this Humble Bundle worth it, so there's that!
...Bookfanatic 9 years ago
Funny how that works the story gets worse and the interest goes lower. Good to know that all was not a waste in the bundle though. Ok I have to admit Pinocchio Vampire Slayer is conjuring images of his nose turning into ta pointy stake that he uses to slay the vampires with, it's not good...funny, but not good, lol!!!
Definitely not a waste!

And yes, that's what it is. Except that there's a lot of emotional content, and it's surprisingly clever and funny. I highly suggest it. I paid $15 and Pinocchio was 500+ pages, these each were 181 pages each volume, and Hellraiser had two volumes, each over 100 pages. So it's an amazing deal, as I got two prose books - one novel, one collection - as well as assorted other comics.

If there's ever a deal I think you'd be into, I'll let you know. But it's honestly mostly sci-fi/fantasy stuff. There was the Transformers bundle, but they didn't get into the m/m relationship that much until after volume two of MTMtE if I remember correctly!
...Bookfanatic 9 years ago
One day I'll get industrious and post a couple of pictures of my office/library. It's full of books. I'm been on a m/m binge for a while now but I honestly do read other stuff. I actually really, really need to get back to reading my dtb's I have some awesome books sitting here just waiting for me to pick them up and start reading. Damned e-reader is just too easy and too portable.
Heh. I hear you! Both about e-book portability and ease, and about the runs. I've been on a PDF kick for a bit.

And yeah, well, Transformers now has both gay and lesbian marriages! It's canon! It's official! I'm so happy with them right now, and I'm trying to be like, squee, read it for that to everyone. And it's not working, so I back off pretty quickly, but that is amazing to me.

I do post every week, usually, about what's up and what's new.
Familiar Diversions 9 years ago
The new genders bit intrigues me. I don't have the anime in my Netflix queue at the moment, but I may change that.
There's someone who looks like a girl who claims she isn't. She can make a clone of herself, or reproduce with either a male or a female. I wanted to know more about that!
I've never read or watched this one. I hope the anime is better
Thank you!