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It appears so, but the image of him as a child saying that he wanted to be Captain America when he grows up clearly indicates that he's got a thing for Cap.

Next volume has some good Cap/Deadpool moments, too.

Yeah... Queen clothes are interesting because she's wearing his costume, and someone knocked her out 'cuz they thought she was Deadpool. I really wanted to see the follow up on that, and you don't.
It's a Mad Mad World 6 years ago
For a moment I almost belived his psychiatrist was Harley Quinn...;)
She understands that he needs his mask, loves him for his outgoing personality and just wants to laugh at his jokes.

She might be, except with a more tragic ending.
It's a Mad Mad World 6 years ago
Aww that's too bad! I love those crazy chicks that loves even crazier guys...;)
It was apropos for someone in love with Wade!