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Yay! I have to admit, when I picked this one up, my first thought was, 'well, nothing else is working so I hope Troy approves!' So yay, yay, yay!
Naw, you just don't think of these things sometimes.

And, ah, good to know. I'll look for those Dixon runs!
Inkspot Fancy 6 years ago
One of my favorites. :) This was worth it for almost any of the characters alone. Booster Gold as a gunslinger? Sign me up! Blue Beetle as a mad inventor? More please. Guy Gardner as a Pinkerton?
This was insanely fun.

I'm just sad that it was so relatively short, and there was no sequel.
Sweet! I will look for those writers, as well as that novel. (Which is unavailable through the library or as an e-book so ordered the paperback book.)

Yay, Question!