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Spare Ammo 3 years ago
Aqua-Phor, it is the best stuff for dry skin. Fell better soon.
I know Vick's isn't supposed to be used that way - but it cools everything down and makes it feel numb and great.

There is no way I'm making it out of the house again today, as much as I'd like some Aquaphor now.
Mona Hanna 3 years ago
I hope you feel better soon *hugs* Being sick sucks :(
I've officially gone through my non-lotion kleenex box which I figured I'd finish off.

So gross. /How do I have this much snot in me?/

*falls back onto bed*

Thank you. I'm still feeling like, well, shit.
Murder by Death 3 years ago
To me, right after the whole so-stuffed-up-you-can't-breath agony is the final insult of chapped/split skin under and on your nose from having to use so many tissues. I'm not miserable enough I need to have red, sore, chapped skin too? I've discovered vitamin e oil stops it from happening, but like the Vicks, you need to reapply often and I always forget to bring it with me when I leave the house, so my nose still gets a little chapped (although it doesn't split and bleed anymore).

Hope the recovery phase kicks in soonest for you.
Yes, that's just the final insult. Why, body, why?

I've been on and off napping all day, so I'm going to try again after getting another glass of water to keep myself hydrated.
Mystereity 3 years ago
Before you go to bed, put Vicks on your feet and put socks on, it helps relieve coughing during the night. My sister in law swears by this. Feel better!
I'm gonna try this.

Although coughing is... I'm barley doing it. I'm using the Vicks mostly because my face is so dry it's about to split open and painful.

Putting Vicks right under my nose makes it all cool and numb. It's /great./ It's that, the hot/cold bullshit, and the having to blow my nose every two seconds that are killing me/keeping me awake. At this point, it feels like my whole body hates me and wants to kill me as slowly and painfully as possible.

Yay! /sarcasm
Feel better soon!
Thank you!
Kitty Horror 3 years ago
Keep your fluids up and rest, Grim. Hope you feel better soon. :)
Thanks. Been drinking tea, barely ate - just couldn't get up, napped on and off all day, felt too sick to really eat - and I think I might sleep again soon. I'm feeling a bit better, but I've been good about taking painkillers every six hours, and I feel gross towards the end of those six hours, so I think I'm still sick/just bolstered by the meds.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 3 years ago
Hope you feel better - ugh, shopping while sick and in that I-am-unwell-brain-is-not-working-fog is not fun. But being at work/trying to work is worse, so there's that. I totally need to try that Vicks under the nose trick next time, that sounds good.

I was adding the last few books to my challenge and it's not updating for me, so maybe that's a sign that the thing is bugged.
I figured it out, we should be good, and challenge is all set.

I think it's the eucalyptus/menthol: it... I don't know how to describe it. It's cool, it's numb kinda, it's soothing. It's kinda like how a wintergreen mint tastes if you could spread it over your skin? Put it wherever it's sore, and it's great. You're not supposed to use it that way, and I got in an argument with a friend who laughed and said it didn't work.

I corrected her: it's not meant to work that way, but it does. By the way, if you ever go out while sniffy, keep the Vick's with you. Little tip, but it doesn't last all that long. The soothing/cooling goes away after a bit. You have to keep reapplying throughout the day.