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Grey Warden 4 years ago
Thanks for the laugh! You know these guys knew what they doing while working on it. Question is how'd you compile all this stuff?
Searched online, got them from other articles, etc, kept the pages open while I posted them here.

Just took some going through them.

And I was giggling while I put this together.r
A Bit Bookish 4 years ago
The Joker/boner one we saw in class in high school and when we showed our teacher he lost it, lol. Thanks for these, good finds!!!
The whole boner thing is just... amazing!

And glad to do it.
Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago

Thing is my mother used to call it a "boner" whenever I did something that got me into trouble. So I know that the word WAS used back in the day. It just didn't mean then what it means now. LOL
Oh, I know!

Just like the stiff dicks Cap and Iron Man used to have had nothing to do with sex. That's changed now, with all the explicit Stony fanfic :P
From Dark Places 4 years ago
LOL nice one Grim :) Golden showers time
I had to admit that's one of my favorites.
isanythingopen 4 years ago
Hahaha! Geez, I love there.
I didn't read many as a kid.
Look at what I missed!
Heh. So much!
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 4 years ago
SO much snickering over these!
Must remember to always put my panting in ()s.
Look, if you're just panting and not (panting) you're clearly just faking. #poser