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Mona Hanna 3 years ago
Evil babies? Torturing babies? Weirdest thing ever :(
Well, they're children, but, yeah, young kids. Babies, really.

But the 'evil baby' trope is more played out during Noncenti's run of Inhumans with Ahura, although this is just more with the torturing them.

Old school Marvel gets weeeeeird.
Portable Magic 3 years ago
Weird, yes. The whole "turning babies into your hands" imagery raises a whole lot of questions about how you then go about normal activities of daily living. Seems impractical.
There's a whole backstory where he sold his soul for his arm. So his arms - yes, both, and legs - were turned into and normally were demons (that looked and functioned like normal arms and legs) until he found parts of his soul that had been turned into babies, which was just a ruse by Mephisto to find missing parts of his soul?

Confused yet? You're not the only one.

Portable Magic 3 years ago
What were the Marvel writers smoking?
Probably the same thing that told them it would be a good idea to keep the one thing from the catatonic woman that might help her because jealous and love. (The person who could give it to her was in love with her, but was counseled to withhold because giving it to her would mean losing her to her husband. So, yeah, 80s+comics=fuckery.)

ETA: And yes, harping on this because it makes me so fucking mad.
Portable Magic 3 years ago
Yeah, that's true "love" alright. :/
It gets worse: when Simon's finally like, 'oh, shit, I can't keep doing this,' Vision is like 'nope, do not want anymore.'

So basically Wanda's still fucked over by his stubbornness.

Trufax: she's dating Simon now. I hope he's matured since then, and won't put her in danger for his own benefit anymore. And thank Primus there's no longer this kind of fuckery.

I'm only reading the 80s BS because there's not enough current Vizh out for me right now.
Portable Magic 3 years ago
Sometimes it's just interesting to read the vintage stuff and remember that the "good old days" weren't necessarily so great.
I'm just reading it for Vision. So I'm like raising eyebrows at everything else.