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Michelle's corner 7 years ago
Oh, and he can't run secure mail servers, either....
And I'm sure if his firewall isn't good enough, he can talk Mexico into building one for him :P
Michelle's corner 7 years ago
...and get them to pay for it :-)
Of course!
Tannat 7 years ago
I think this book has been destroyed by your Lance of Logic.
Only effective if this book had lacked logic in the first place, and boy did it.
Pretty much, yes.
Murder by Death 7 years ago
My head exploded about mid-way through your review and I had to skim the rest through the veil of rage... A rage triggered every time I hear someone say "he just tells it like it is!" NO - HE DOESN'T, HE MAKES SHIT UP AS HE GOES!

Sorry. But I'll just include this before I go off and find a dandelion patch to sit in:
Hahahah, that link totally made my day!

And as of last night, we know that there's yet another addition to the list, along the lines of "I'll totally accept the election results, but only if I win. If I lose ... well, I'm going to keep you in suspense about what precisely I'll be doing, but right now I'll just say this -- this election system is terrible. *Just terrible!*"
Murder by Death 7 years ago
I want to say he's just such a joke, but it's not funny in any way. I can't believe there are so few rational people left in the US (or the world) that we've let it get this bad (and I don't just mean Trump - Hillary is just as bad, just less obviously narcissistic).
I've made this point myself: he says what he wants when he wants, and damn the iceberg, what he's already said, logic, reason, and anything else that might get in his way!

Veil of rage. I need an emoji for that, just for this book.
I'm beginning to believe that humanity is doomed to self-destruct, or go to the brink of self-destruction, at least once per century.
I'm beginning to lose hope in humanity in general after seeing how many states are pro-Trump.
There's an old saying that we get the political candidates we deserve.

Whatever it is we did to deserve Donald Trump, we take it back! We take it back and promise to never do it again, whatever it was!
This whole thing reminds me of the Know-Nothings. And not in good ways, as we elected one president.
Tannat 7 years ago
Perhaps it was collectively watching too much reality TV?
Well said!! America's problem isn't immigrants, it's FUCKING AMERICA, they're their own problem but i guess it's so much easier blaming others for their own laziness and failure
I think when you look at one nation - any nation - and say 'this is the one fault/problem/etc' then you simplify things to the point where there's nothing to get done. (I suspect with lazy you're alluding to the obesity quote, which I find ridiculous for pretty much the same reason: we have so much junk food and overly processed food that is all American. And our attitudes towards healthy food versus junk food is pretty much shit in general.)

And thank you. I was going to go for more snarky but I just needed to do this point by point.
“Trump speaks what they want to hear.” Exactly. AKA "post-fact politics" ... it doesn't matter whether a statement is *actually* and demonstrably true, but only whether it *feels* true to the listener.

AKA Welcome to Newspeak and the world of "1984."

I hope you had a large drink of something truly nice and strong after finishing this book ... and a long hot shower!
I opted for art instead. I created some more art, or am in the middle of repurposing 36 tiny board books into works of art.
Even better -- much more creative and overall positive!!
7 years ago
He did an official apology for his 'just grab her pussy' comments, but you could see his eyes moving back and forth, reading the the auto cue.
He didn't believe a word of what he was reading (probably didn't even take it in to begin with), and everybody with eyes in their head could see it. The problem is, how many voters actually *want* to see it?
Not as many as I'd hoped, Themis-Athena!
Alas ...