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Debbie's Spurts 11 months ago
I think you are asking the wrong people. Us booklikers are more likely to enable than dissuade book buying.
I know. But I had to try!
Tea, Rain, Book 11 months ago
If I told you that, I would be a hypocrite since I blew a lot of money at RT Con. And getting into your school choice for grad school is something worth bragging about to anyone/everyone.
Darn. I was hoping!

And I've been making full use of the bragging rights and Ibfeelnobnoxious about it so then the conversation elsewhere right after!
BrokenTune 11 months ago
You've got legit bragging rights. Use them!

As for the book buying thing...ok, here we go:
"Stop blowing so much money except on books every Readercon."
Hang on. No that wasn't it. Let me try again:
"Start saving much money to blow on books every Readercon."
Nope. Still not right. The funny thing is, I have no problem saying:
"Buy books every Readercon, then share pictures with us."

Weird how that works.

There will be pictures /and/ stories!
BrokenTune 11 months ago
Jessica's Book Thoughts 11 months ago
Pics are good! Their priceless so that solves the prob.
That does. I'll do it on Monday. I have to sleep tonight as I'm giving blood early tomorrow. Going to nap soon, award show, party and then home to sleep again.
...Bookfanatic 11 months ago
Not me this all sounds perfectly fine by me and really how does one buy to many books, EVER? This doesn't even compute...
I don't know but apparently I'm going to try to prove it's possible!
Jessica's Book Thoughts 11 months ago
I'll tell you....

Stop blowing so much money at Readercon, and quit bragging about grad school.

Rent billboard space and post you announcement there so u don't say it so often, and spend a buck less than last time! Problem solved.
Practical solution!

And I have been good and haven't stepped into the dealers room again and now it's closed so no temptation...
Jessica's Book Thoughts 11 months ago
Haha! Gotta stay away from the dealers! Bad news!
isanythingopen 11 months ago
You have bragging rights and there's no such thing as too many books.
No help here. : )
No help at all, but the book loving, bragging living part of me loves you for enabling.
You should brag!

Also you haven't seen my yarn bags from my knitting retreat. I'm hardly one to talk!
Thank you. And I'm in good company then!