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Jessica (HDB) 6 years ago
You'll find it! Also, hilariously, I saw that print and ALMOST bought you that pillow, but then found the one I did buy you and picked that instead!
Hah. If I get that bag, I'm getting you one, too.

I keep coming back to that print. I love, love, love the conjunx, especially how it references that exact scene, but there's something atmospheric and sad about Whirl. He's totally not well mentally, but also has the tragic past, so I want to comfort him. I... really like that combination in that 'hoo, boy, that's hawt' kinda way.

Sometimes I don't even know, myself, I don't know. Maybe it's for the best that I no like people...
Jessica (HDB) 6 years ago
Pshaw, you like me. So there. Unless I'm secretly a Transformer...
I will never be sexually attracted to you or any people.


You kid, but do you know what pretenders are in the transformers universe?

They have human shells that hide Transformers, so, yeah in that case. It's a thing. The comics get into it later on.

And I think I lost it. I'm running out of places for the pillow to be and I'm crying. I'm about ready to all out fucking bawl.
6 years ago
Love the bag!
Oh, Whirl is amazeballs. I was just talking about him to someone else recently, and yeah, he comes up a LOT in my life. Because I am constantly thinking about this boy.
Of course, the whole me having a massive crush on Whirl and that atmospheric print would mean constant distractions :D

But, yeah, that bag. I kinda am in love with that print.