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Tigus 2 years ago
is DeMatteis getting a scripting credit here--if you can remember, or check--or just credit for plot, or some other weird writing credit. I ask because he is a fave of mine? no rush, and if you don't have access to that info at this point, no worries, just trying to find out.
Takes my mind off things.

The credits are weird this issue, so I trust Comixology:

The credits say the 'team of' so they didn't really expand on that. From what I can read, this is a run of this team, and this is their last issue. But again, not finding definitive answers on that. I read for characters more than teams, so TBH I didn't really pay attention when buying them. Checking out credits for 13 for you. Googled his name, and BB 12 and pretty much got 'they wrote this together' vibes, so I think it's co-writing!
And he's definitely not credited on Amazon for next issue.

Adding: Amazon is wrong. He's listed as writer for next issue, but then a new team takes over, so one, new writer.
Tigus 2 years ago
Always happy to help out a fellow comic book nerd!