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Obsidian Blue 9 months ago
Hope you get power soon Grim! Where I am at, it took about two days before most of my friends got power back. I was lucky enough to escape the windstorm messing up my power.
Thank you. Looks like it might be today, crossing fingers!

Glad you didn't get hit with a power outage.
Debbie's Spurts 9 months ago
Crossing my fingers for you.
Thank you!
Bryan asked me to take Jake to taekwondo last night because he had a date. I was like "oh really?" All sarcastic. He just smirked. "Jessica Jones has come back." Oh....
Jessica Jones HAS come back.

She's amazing. I also have a day-long date with her. People are being fucking obnoxious at Starbucks. Trying to talk to me, and shit, and I'm like DO YOU NOT SEE THE HEADPHONES? No, not talking to you, dude, JJ all the way.
I hate when people do that. Some folks have no idea of boundaries.
Like 'can I borrow this chair? Shut up, and lemme watch JJ.
Tigus 9 months ago
can I do a freestyle coffee shop gripe? thanks:

I'm very low-maintenance at the coffee shop, and that's because, I've realized, I'm a single person who orders something simple and sits down and simply reads quietly. and yes, I had to get used to the fact that it's open season on the other chair at the table. I actually prefer to be asked by the person who wants the vacant chair if they can take it, which most people do, because then they are not just assuming no one else is coming--but yes, you are right: from another angle, the life of people like me (and perhaps you, at least when you are alone and indulging in a solitary pastime like reading or listening to something) is going to contain nonstop interruptions per year, of people wanting to take a piece of furniture away from where I'm sitting. I will just be settled in, loving the fact that I'm on my own time and don't have to deal with anybody...and voila, this is the fifth "can I take this chair" of the year, and we're only in March.

I've kind of gotten used to the above, because it comes with the environment, the coffee shop dynamic. what I do make sure to do, is move any newspapers off any table I'm claiming, so my year can stop consisting of "do you mind if I take that newspaper?". that is avoidable.

but my real problems are actually on another front, at the coffee shop, though it relates to lots of furniture being moved around. I mean, I should be so lucky, that it's just one person, who wants one chair. No, No--it goes way beyond that. what I mean is, coffee shops are now a place where businesspeople hold Committee Meetings. they don't go to some pre-set Committee Room any more--they come to the coffee shop, where it's relatively cheap to arrange a meeting, they claim loads of tables and chairs which get moved all over the place, three or four tables are collected from far and wide, and if they happen to set up their Committee Meeting near me, I'm practically part of it now. it's now a loud Board-Room Meeting done up in a coffee shop. and this happens a lot. I mean god forbid you hold your crowded business meeting in a private room. has this been going on since 1965, or did coffee shops become large-gathering Committee Meeting Rooms in year 2000, was it when cellphones got created and you could call your six business partners at a moment's notice and bring all your gear to the nearest coffee shop, or what? it's also nice to see all kinds of accessible pathways and open spaces disappear in a heartbeat, while at the same some useless desert of coffee shop space suddenly appears where lots of furniture used to be--oh wait, it's all over at the other end now, where all the noise is.

Therapy Sessions, including alcoholics and drug addicts meeting their therapists or sponsors, or doctors/psychotherapists, is a big evening thing at the coffee shop I try to go to the most. okay, so apparently, therapists and sponsors save money these days by treating and listening to their clients at coffee shops. there's no office anymore--certainly not a private space. is this a thing, where you are, because it's a definite thing where I am. professional, weekly, scheduled, one-on-one therapy sessions, or help sessions, in the coffee shop. it doesn't help that the timbre of the voice of the therapist most frequently meeting his clients at the coffee shop I go to seems designed to stop a reader from being focusing on a full sentence in a book, but I get to hear the drug habits, alcohol problems, marriage woes, debt problems, and suicidal thoughts of anyone who is attending their session at...the coffee shop. unless I move. or leave. or wear headphones, which I don't do thus far, when I read. I might have to rethink that, get some music in my ears, and probably crank it up quite a bit to drown out anyone attending a Meeting or Professional Session of any sort at the ol' coffee shop.

so coffee shops are offices. they are a way to save a buck and not get a private space. you just go in their and turn it into your place of business, or group Committee Board-Room or whatever. oh, good.

and I haven't even gone anywhere near cellphones yet, I hate the damn things, because every conversation that I didn't have to hear because it was conducted in a room somewhere, or at a pay phone--where no one ever needed to worry about who yells, or swears, or talks utter childish nonsense into a phone for at least half an out in the open now. plus, you can be tracked if you have a phone. plus everyone has to report to everyone else in their life what lamp-post they are passing as they head to meet someone who absolutely needs to track their friend's progress to their rendezvous ("where am I? I'm just by the mail-box at the corner where the old tires are piled up--I don't know what street that is--and I'm just about to cross the road, I'll be with you in two minutes..."; the best of course is when the person reporting their movements to the person frantically waiting for them, is obviously dragging ass, and lies about where they are--have you ever heard that? have you ever heard someone lie to their friend, over the phone, about how close they actually are: "I'm on the subway, and should be there soon"...when they are actually on the bus that is heading to the subway station, and you get to hear them bullshit the person waiting for them.).

but that's all by-the-by, not so related to coffee shops. except of course; there WILL be loud annoying cell phone calls in coffee shops. and hey, let's not forget, those big Board Room Committee Meetings that get scheduled at coffee shops will often have loud, intricate cell phone drama, because, y'know, not everyone can get to the Meeting in person, but the person who can't make it of course has the most vital information pertaining to the two-hour Meeting. I mean, what's the point of calling the Meeting if the three people who most need to contribute don't get phoned two or three times each for information and extended discussion?

the last bit of coffee shop interruption I expect is this: person who comes in, and sees me at the table that happens to be their favourite. that person will be meeting a friend, and I happen to be at the table they love. maybe they're used to being there, it's near a window, it's a bit away from everyone else, it's not in line with a door opening and closing as cold air comes whooshing in--whatever it is, they want the table I claimed first. and I've been asked: "are you going to be a while at that table?". now, I gotta tell you, I'm drawing a line in the sand. my next answer, all my future answers to that question, will be: "I don't report to you. I'm not here to set up a specific time when I'm supposed to leave--let's call it spontaneity, I'm not on a schedule, I'm not anyone else's schedule, and I've never gone into a coffee shop and applied pressure tactics--be they soft-soap and polite, or not--by asking someone their personal business, just so I can hint to them that I want them to leave, and I might cry or have my whole evening ruined if I don't get to sit exactly where I want.".

I'm done.
No to the therapy sessions, yes to the people having meetings, etc, in public places. I think it's a new phenomena.

I don't care if people talk to me WHILE I don't have headphones on, but annoys me when I do have them on. Read the room, people. Also, don't fucking try to talk to me over JJ :/

I'm annoyed in particular today because I'd much rather be at home watching this, but, nope, no luck.
Linda Hilton 9 months ago
@Tigus -- YES, to everything except the subway because we don't have any here. Yes to the committee meetings, including having the non-attendee on SPEAKER PHONE. Yes to the therapy sessions, to which you forgot to add sexual dysfunction as a complaint. Calls to lawyers are also good, especially when the topic is divorce and contested child custody and there's a new soon-to-be spouse in the mix.

Best ones, though, are the quasi-church groups. Don't get me started.

And people wonder why I stay at home. . . . . . . .
I want to be home SO BAD. But I want JJ more. So, there's that.
Linda Hilton 9 months ago
Well, you're dealing with extraordinary circumstances, Grim. I don't blame you (even if I have no idea what JJ is . . . )

And I have the distinct advantage of its being MY house, where I can do as I please (within legal limits, of course). So, there's that. ;-)

All of Jessica Jones season two dropped today. I am binge watching all thirteen one-hour episodes today :D

But... no electricity at my house, so no internet, so no Jessica Jones there...
Tigus 9 months ago
ah, yes, how did I forget. the church-related mass gatherings at coffee shops. oh, and I forgot property dispute/boundary-line disputes occurring in the neighbourhood, where a bunch of opponents in a legal property dispute hold their nasty meeting at the coffee shop, so that they can, after two hours, loudly establish that they can solve nothing and the next thing to do is break up the meeting and call the lawyers...that was a fun day trying to read.
Debbie's Spurts 9 months ago
The blasted business conferences act like it is their office space; one coffee shop right between a senior center and a physical rehab center now has resorted to having a staff member assigned to shove a walker through all their table rearranging because their best actual business comes from the rehab staff and patients who will need the ADA required pathways. The rehab staff get quite vocal about demanding at least one wheelchair path be left open.

One of the business meetings always meet there at least once a week and I heard a staff member offer to have area with tables set up for them with complimentary snacks if they would call ahead -- no dice, asshat yelled that they had as much right as any other customer and were regulars, wanted the manager. They got the manager. Manager said keep it up and shop would refuse to serve them and that further would call the cops if they ever moved so much as a chair away from where it was arranged and assured them for good measure would make sure some injured folk needing the pathways were there for cops to see.

Way better management than at my bank one day when I had a deposit correctly entered one day by the teller with statement reflecting only to have it disappear the next day because night shift person entered check number to wring account. Teller receipt 100% accurate but manager tried to fire the teller in front of me; she was crying and I finally actually grabbed his arm demanding why would her receipt be perfect if it was something she had done.
Linda Hilton 9 months ago
This is just another reason why I'm, shall we say, not overly fond of "business people" types.
Bark at the Ghouls 9 months ago
I hope you get power back on soon. We lucked out and didn't go down for once.
Thank you.

Man, I wish that were the case!