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Obsidian Blue 9 months ago
I stopped with the comics cause the constant reboots just became a pain. If I get, I just buy the volumes now.
I'm gonna have me a talk with Newbury Comics on Wednesday.

It is a pain, and this is why they're losing readers. They are killing all my favorite series, too :( Can't give up TF, and I might get into Valiant, because, man, I forgot how much I loved me some Bloodshot!
Mrs. Claus' Tea Shop 9 months ago
That's quite the shift from Nazi Cap (Spencer) to TN Coates!
Yup. And I'm still mad about it, mostly about them gas lighting about Hydra not being nazis evah, which isn't true at all, so I'm not buying it.
Mrs. Claus' Tea Shop 9 months ago
As a fan of Cap only from watching the movies, I am really so-so on the character. Until Spencer did his hatchet job - now I only want to read Vision and Roxanne Gay's trade (about two of the women from Coates' Black Panther series).

DCU is going the way of Marvel though, so it's mostly indies for me.
Fair. I"m too invested to let it go, so, y'know... I get really, yeah. Vision. Sighs. They apparently are like LOL, no, no more Vision, Or Inhumans. And here I'm all like 0_0

I'll be buying a lot less because they'll be giving me less that I want.