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Char's Horror Corner 9 months ago
Awwww. I've read a lot of graphic novels since The Vision and it still remains as one of the best I've read. Why would they phase Vision out?
Because they lost Tom King to Marvel, just like they lost Bendis. Waid is writing this. TBH, they didn't continue Vision without King because... it didn't sell well.

I may have spoken too soon. The news was vague: they are restarting some series with #1s: Deadpool, Jessica Jones has a finale because of Bendis leaving, but they haven't announced if she'll get another series. (This is important because she was in the Fresh Start artwork. Also, she's a popular Netflix series now, so I suspect she will get a new series - and I suspect the list of series that they've announced is not complete. Same for Ghost Rider, I believe the Robbie Reyes version, aka the version that showed up in agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.)

Vision? Vision has never been their most popular series/franchise/whatever. I suspect they're trying to put Cap and Iron Man - the real classics - into the Avengers, focus on them.

But, Champions might be continuing. It's confusing and vague: a lot of series are ending, some mini-series/new #1s - Doctor Strange, Deadpool, Iron Man - are kicking in - and the legacy numbers are continuing. What does that mean for Champions, and Spider-Gwen?

Weeeell, the previews aren't in yet. Sorry, Previews, with a capital P, i.e. the thing that tells everyone when something in cancelled. Marvel and DC literally will not tell anyone, including stores; they find out when, hey, there's no new issue in previews. Right now they're going to May - and some Fresh Start series are starting in June - but the wonderful man who manages Newbury comics has promised to let me know when Previews comes in, and he does.

Add this to the clusterfuck of them rebooting around four times in four years, and I'm just starting to get burnt out on the reboots. I dropped GotG the last time, and I think I'm dropping Dr. Strange this time around. I can't keep up anymore, and while I like Mark Waid, I'm having a hard time with conceiving of what his Dr. Strange in Space series will look like...

So, in conclusion, Champions may continue, I expect that Vision will be a part of this if it does because of Viv and Vivian, but I just don't really trust them to keep series going anymore, and it makes me sad when my series only last a year, a year and a half, and then go away :(
Char's Horror Corner 9 months ago
I've read a few of the King Batman (Rebirth) comics and I thought they were just okay. I think I threw in the towel around the 3rd-4th issue. I didn't think they had nearly the depth that the Vison stories had.
I know I can count on you-if there are more Vision stories, please let me know. It seems you have your finger on the pulse of things. :)
Yes, this.

On Vision's pulse? I try to keep with it. But, yeah, I'm behind on this, and so confused, mostly because Marvel keeps things vague as possible sometimes :/ Also, Vision isn't necessarily done ala King, and as you can tell, he has to get his hooks into a story to fully flesh it out!

But if I see some good Vizh stories, I will most definitely let you know. TBH, different author, different character, but if you want good, solid character and world building, you should be reading Black Bolt.

And of course, Transformers by James Roberts, anything he writes, but I have yet to convince anyone except Jessica of that. But I did get her super addicted to it, so there ya go.
Char's Horror Corner 9 months ago
I think I still have a volume of INHUMANS somewhere in my Comixology app. I'm pretty sure I picked that up because of you.
Right now I'm totally vibing on SAGA. Have you read those?
Ooh, the Charles Soule Inhumans? That is good!

Damn. Black Bolt volume one was a dollar, but no more.

Sadly, I have to catch up on Saga. I"m on... I think like forty? And someone finally convinced me it wasn't all gross meatbag babies, and there were robots, and YES Prince Robot IV. He's so fucked up, and broken, and I'm the woman who looks at him and wants to fix him, but alas, I don't have a magical vagina like in the new adult books...

Although... why... why do they need gross meatbag human sex to mix with my robots :( I just pretend they don't have it.
Yeah, I'm mad, so I'm gonna tell you: if you haven't seen it yet, your see how gross Prince Robot IV can be. But I still kinda wanna do him, so IDK, me, IDK. I hate myself sometimes is I think what I'm saying, maybe?

ETA: Also, spoiler, and penis. You see Prince Robot IV penis.
Char's Horror Corner 9 months ago
LOL I didn't even realize he had a penis! I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to that, or just afraid?
I was incredibly disappointed. Princess Robot poops out a baby, just like she was a human, too. WHY? I mean, you can create a new, fascinating way of having sex, but noooo, it's all robot penises and human birth >< It's so gross, Char. So, so, so, so, so gross.

Be afraid. Prince Robot IV is mad gross. You find out just how much later on...

Seriously, read Seeker porn. It's way better. Just like with that Chuck Tingle book.

PS - I still love him.