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Tannat 9 months ago
I'm not a huge fan of the shoes just because there's so much going on with them (the blue coupled with the multicoloured pattern). The fact that there's an R2 stuck on the back as the heel is pretty awesome though and I'd probably have to resist the urge to buy them myself due to that. I think they'd probably look best with a single colour dress, especially a matching blue (I don't remember what your Dr Strange dress looks like).

But honestly, if you like 'em and they're not too uncomfortable, I'd say fuck it and wear them. You can tell your sister that people won't be staring at the ground and so probably won't even notice the shoes.
Black with red and golden yellow.

I'm thinking I might say 'fuck matching.' Man, I always ask for help with my brother's stupid, boring wedding and then have to explain we are having issues. Anyway, yeah, I kinda love them, but I think it's a taste hole. Like I know Inhumans is terrible, and am also praying for season two because love.
I like them! I love quirky things. Personally I can't wear heels, but those look neat.
They are soooo comfortable. Mom likes everything but R2D2.
Tannat 9 months ago
Hahaha. It's good to hear they're comfortable!
Yes, it is!
Murder by Death 9 months ago
I like the shoes a lot - the top bit, I mean, because they look beautiful. Then the R2D2 heel is so unexpected ... in a good way.

I couldn't wear them myself, they're not my thing, BUT ... if I saw you at a wedding wearing them, they'd make me smile, and I'd admire the hell out of you for being the kind of person who could wear shoes with R2D2 heels. :)
My brother will not feel the same way, but I suppose he shouldn't have completely ambushed me to the point that I had a migraine where I shouldn't have driven home. I trusted him and fiancé zero percent, so I'm just lucky I didn't have an accident.

I'm nice, and forgiving until you cross a certain line. He crossed it a long time ago, and I'm just realizing how poorly he treats me. So I'm armoring up. These shoes clash with my dress, but I give zero fucks anymore. I'm wearing them :D
isanythingopen 9 months ago
The shoes are beautiful, though I could do without the R2D2 heels.
I'm not a big Star Wars fan - don't hate me! LOL
I'm not a huge Star Wars fans either. Any other character, and no. But R2D2 is my SW weakness!
Char's Horror Corner 9 months ago
I'm not a big fan of Star Wars myself, but I love the shoes. I love things that aren't boring and those surely stand out. I think they're cool. :)
They really do. I kinda love them. I may still get some gold shoes from payless.
I like em. And I don't like your brother. Wear what you want :D
That's been what my mom and I were talking about. He dares lecture me about social responsibility when it's good for him, but when it comes to visiting our family, eh, he has better things to do.

I'm wearing what I want, bringing the iPad, paper comics if I'm not caught up, and fuck him.
If he were a decent person and since you're more visible as a close family member, I might consider his feelings a bit regarding your wardrobe on his day. But since he treats you like crap, and with no consideration, I'm right on board with the DON'T CARE view :D Wear what you want, he can suck it up.

(Bonus: whatever you wear will be in whatever family pics are taken of his wedding, FOREVER and EVER *evil laugh*)
Man, I love these freaking shoes. My parents are okay with this, and and my mom said if my brother tries to kick me out, she's leaving, too. I won't fight it, because everyone else will make her miserable there. We'll have a ball in our fantastic outfits.

Also, YASS. I hope the person taking pictures is a Deadpool/Dr. Strange/Star Wars fan.

Or maybe Transformers. Birth of Cybertron fits the shoes more, so I may change the dress plans. Which means electric blue lipstick...
Good for you! :D I'm glad your parents are being supportive.
Well, when they're not yelling, mostly at each other, right now about my brother having his wedding on Shabbat and all my mom's family being religious so they can't come, and my brother saying it wasn't important because my mother's brother wouldn't want to come.

Spoiler: he does.

Fuck me, I need to read about Prince Robot IV getting laid again...
Oh sheesh! He pulls that, completely uncaring about the religious sensibilities of your mom's family (even I know Shabbat and the rules regarding it are a huge deal for observant Jews), and he lectures you about "social responsibility"? About what you wear? Um. big, fat NOPE. Even if he doesn't care if they can come that much, it's a crappy thing to do to your mom.
Nope, just about reading comics. I give no fucks now.

There's still loud talking. They hate admitting they're yelling, so I call it loud talking and I want to cry again.

He has no fucking clue what I plan on wearing, but, yup, I need so damn much armor. The geekier my dressage gets, the more armor I wear.

I may just reread the good parts of Saga #49 again. For the third time today. It's what's calming me down right now.
I'm sorry things are upsetting for you right now. Hope your comic helps distract you, and you enjoy your armor on wedding day :D
Oh, I will enjoy the armor - the dress, the shoes, the makeup. I will take tons of pictures myself and post them.

And yeah, I just can't sleep. The loud talking has stopped, but... I'm not in a good place. I'm thinking of getting more beer, and just knocking myself out.
Sorry to hear that. I do know what you mean. Hope you can get evened out and get some sleep.
I didn't want to go downstairs, but I finally fell asleep. Thank you.
The shoes are ADORABLE. Wear them!!!! Wear what makes YOU happy.
Possibly. I'm on the verge of deciding to return them since it turns out they make me uncomfortable. Not the height - I love that! - and the heels are fine, but on my right foot, there's something that's bugging the top of my foot. The top of the shoe might not be high enough for my man-feet :/
Hooked on Books 9 months ago
Your shoes are awesome! I LOVE the heel! I say go for it- wear them! I bet you'll get a TON of compliments on them! : )
I am. I may wear Birth of Cybertron, with my electric blue lipstick and mascara. I have the perfect, blue tights that match these shoes.

I'm still testing them out in the house. They're a little less comfortable the second day, but not uncomfortable enough to return them, I think. I love these so damn much!
Char's Horror Corner 9 months ago
I'm sorry to say it but after reading about Shabbat, I think your brother is being a real douche.
isanythingopen 9 months ago
I concur.
Almost everyone concurs.

Anyway, yeah, I am practicing in the shoes. They hurt more being worn out, but I've almost figured out how to wear them with no pain. I am also going to buy inserts at Payless for the shoes when I go to pick up my comics - and hopefully my purse. Thinkgeek took one dollar off for shipping it to the mall. Very excited!