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Char's Horror Corner 9 months ago
Ooooohh, pretty! It says it's sold out now, so you got it just in time! Can we please see a pic once you have it framed up??
There's only one: it's a one of a kind print to check the art he does digitally before it goes to Marvel to print, so as soon as I got it, it was sold out. It's also not pages like you usually think of them when you think of original comic book art, but it is a part of Black Bolt's publishing history. Very, very excited!

Yes, you can. Although I've been horrid at doing my other signed print. You may get them both at once.

This one is also coming from England, so not sure when it'll get here, but, yes, so much yes.
Rachel's books 9 months ago
I'm soooo happy. I'm pining for it already, though. I want it to be here so bad.