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That hair. My mom had hair like that in the 80s.
Yeah, Gamora wouldn't be caught dead in that hair, too. I mean, everything about this is wrong.
Chris' Fish Place 11 months ago
That doesn't even look Gamora in the regular comics.
That looks like truly terribly cosplay where someone described what Gamora looked like to the cosplayer, and they did no research...
Michelle's corner 11 months ago
Why? Probably because.. money. That's my guess.
More why this artist to be honest. Usually, like with the Buffy comics, you have to go through a process where you audition by giving sketches that prove you can do a likeness. Either Marvel/Disney didn't do that, or just grabbed the cheapest guy anyway or something...
Debbie's Spurts 11 months ago
Good grief, without the body/leather that head is just so ... almost generic.
Yes, yes it is...
Char's Horror Corner 11 months ago
You know that when even CHAR knows this isn't what Gamora looks like, you have a problem! ;)
I know that because I know you haven't seen GotG or GotG 2!