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Most definitely green or blue for me. It's a tough choice. I know that there are so many books where I think "god it had so much potential, how could you ruin it that way!". I want to pick green I think and I am changing Mockingjay. And certain authors already hate me, so who cares lol.
The books can let me down so long as I'm with my boys!

No contest for me at all; I'm a girl who knows what she wants. Blue all the way!
I'm still really tempted by the blue pill too. I am in love with the medieval Scottish highlands that Lynn Kurland presents in her books. I would love to live there with the buff, sword carrying lords with their kilts and long hair and scruffy maniless. *swoon* I might change my pick lol.
Hahah. Robots for me!
There's no point in me choosing the pink pill because all my favourite 19th century protagonists die anyway.

But I can't stand the thought of Mr Rochester dumping me for someone else, so I'd have to decline the yellow pill.

The fictional universe sounds promising though. I would love to live in Thursday Next's world.
Blue Pill!

I know, I was not sure which continuity of TF I wanted to land in, but reading Roberts' MTMtE pushed me into the IDW camp.
IDW. All my favorite bots. I know, I know, horrific stuff happens, the Earth has been destroyed, but I clearly like robots above the planet. Why would I *want* to leave? Seriously?

Being able to leave/have someone take me out of that universe would be the downside to that situation for me.
Tackling Mt. TBR 9 years ago
Green seems like the clear winner for me. I don't care if the author hates my guts.
Which book? What would you change?
Jamie's Book Blog 9 years ago
Green pill first and then the blue that way when I get to my favorite universe it will be exactly how I want it :D Who cares if the author hates me, I'm no longer on earth :)
Good point! Um... What would I change about IDW. Hmmm. I suppose I could save Earth from all the horrors of the 'Cons, but... if I did the green pill first I think I'm going to bring Rewind back, give Whirl his hands back, and unkill the Seekers. (That's right, Earth: a psychopath's hands ranks higher than you. Suck it!)

Then I'll go there, and seducing Whirl should be easy. Oh, oh, and he'll bring me along the Lost Light, and help me hump my way through the crew! Perfect!

What would you change, and where would you go?
Portable Magic 9 years ago
I can think of a couple that I could use the pink pill on. The protag isn't always my favorite character!
Rodimus is a dick, but I'm being turned into a Rodimus/Ultra Magnus Shipper, so I couldn't lose him. Bee is just a cutie, so I can't bear him dying. Nope, the protagonists in my verses have to stay!

Who would you bring back?
Portable Magic 9 years ago
Professor Snape. Thorin Oakenshield. Old Yeller.
Nice choices!
Spare Ammo 9 years ago
None of the above, by now all of you should have read at least one book where messing with this stuff brings on death and destruction! Geeeeesh...
Eh, the Cons tried taking over Earth and demolished quite a bit of it in the parts of AHM I read. I'll still use the blue pill, and damn the consequences. As always, I'm hoping humping every single robot in sight will fix all the quantum-y, metaphysical, science-y problems...
Just pick someone she likes!
Rashika, The Book Owl 9 years ago
Cannot pick anything
Am I the only one who saw Blue, went BLUE, BLUE! Waiiit... choices, reads them, BLUE, BLUE!
Rashika, The Book Owl 9 years ago
I cannot pick blue because to choose a favorite universe would be impossible :/
Plus I'd miss my family .-.
I would miss my family horribly, too! Them, and my friends.

On the other hand, I like to think everyone would know I was happily with the robots. (Oh, yes, also if I take the blue pill? Perhaps my friends would consider sparing my parents the shock of knowing my 'hump the robots until I fix the black hole/whatever other scienc-y problem I've created by my displacement' plan.)
Rashika, The Book Owl 9 years ago
OH AND FRIENDS (not that I have a lot :P but I'd miss them too)

and we'd all be happy for you if you got to hang out with all the robots ;)
(LOL I don't think that would create a black hole would it??? That didn't happen in Inkheart.. in Inkheart to balance shit out someone came out of the book... although would Inkheart be a legit reference point? Got no idea :P)
I'm sure it'll create something that has to be fixed...

And I have a new favorite method of doing this!
Spare Ammo 9 years ago
I swear if you all cause death and destruction and I have to clean it up I will hunt you down and make you read Victor Bertolaccini.
Take the blue pill. Follow me onto the Lost Light. I'll gladly read whatever if I'm there :P
Spare Ammo 9 years ago
Glad and Bertolaccini do not mix. Victor makes bad writers look like Shakespeare. Victor takes the words stilted and wooden to new heights. No, wait! Victor never uses the common period when he can use ! In fact I have read complete pages where only the exclamation point was used! Everything needed this punctuation! Everything, I tell you! Every! Thing!
Am I humping robots? Yes? Then I will gladly put up with him. Maybe that's how I fuck science up!
My eleven year old son picks the red pill.

I'm not sure he totally understands what he's agreeing to though.

And he's reading over my shoulder and is now mad at me.
Tell him no one understands how I can pick the blue pill so quickly, possibly not even me, so it's not just him!