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SilverThistle 5 years ago
I'm trying to think of 10 things so I can do it too... Struggling to get beyond number one though, tbh, lol.
See number three, five and six. Pad. and add funny little stories to your interesting ones. It balances out. I think. I hope...
Congrats on making the big 2-0-0. I think once you get past it, your numbers get bigger faster. At least if Shelby and some others are any indication...
I'm not sure. They've been slowly but steadily going up. We'll see!

And thank you.
Tackling Mt. TBR 5 years ago
I may try and post one of these later. I'll have to see if I can come up with ten things.
People keep saying that. Pad. pad, pad. I have like... four of those that I consider interesting and the rest is padding and some funny stories to make up for how boring the rest is.
Tackling Mt. TBR 5 years ago
Oh, and I wanted to comment about your last item on the list. That is so my family. With the exception of me, they are all tragic at directions. As a result I have to go with them whenever they have to go some place new. LOL!
My dad, too! My mom and brother are great at it, though. My mom follows the majority of the traffic and saves us hours driving. My dad and I would end up in the fucking North Pole. freezing to death.
Tackling Mt. TBR 5 years ago
My sister (not the one you remind me of, but the other one) once got lost in the mall. Not even kidding.
I got lost in the parking lot so badly the security guy *insisted* on driving to me to my car. I think I'm both your sisters in one person!
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
My sister can walk all day with the map upside down without noticing...
She's a little worse than I am, then. I quickly learned how to use maps, and use them well.
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
Congratulations on your 200 followers!
Thank you!
Thank you! It hasn't been horrible, all things considered. It's had it's ups and downs.

I'm trying to become a better person, and life has become better since I just started focusing on that and ignoring all the other bullshit.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 5 years ago
"10. I am hopeless when it comes to geography."
I think there are a LOT of people in this boat! I have examples! Me - I ended up in northern Africa when I thought I was going to France. (Everyone said Morocco and I heard Monaco. But I can now tell the difference.) A college roommate - thought Alaska was connected to the US by land, somewhere near Washington state I think? (She's brilliant and a lawyer - the kind who actually does work to help people.) Also I have been in a car full of friends where we were so involved with singing show tunes (which was very eyeroll worthy) that we ended up in the wrong state. (Excuse: states in the north east coast are often small and a missed exit can get you in trouble waaaay too quickly. Also CT can be a nice place to accidentally visit.)

Actually almost all examples I can think of are solved by being able to google via a phone - which regularly saves me from getting lost now. (I am SO screwed when I can't get a phone signal!)
Mavericks has a map app where you can see the world via satellite. I can look up an address, get a picture, and know, 'oh, it's opposite that Walmart!' I'm great with landmarks, so stores like that are great.

I love Apple!
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 5 years ago
Satellite view soooo rocks. What I used to do before map apps - I'd get to the street I thought was the right place, then use my cell to call whoever I was visiting and ask them to stand in their doorway so I wouldn't go to the wrong house. Because I have done that before! Now I just study the route and what the houses/buildings look like before I set out on the trek - it's soooo helpful. (Not to mention something I can actually do to bust the "I think I'm lost" anxiety.)

Have you found an app that allows you to set a point where your car (or anything else) is so you can find it again? The one I last used is dead, and I have the feeling I'll eventually end up lost in a parking lot again without gps help! (Somehow I bet there's something I can do in Google Maps that I've not figured out yet.)
Nope. I just use the ones on the Apple, the map that comes on the computer, and the map on the phone. I adapt really well to different maps.
I try to be, but oftentimes I'm not. Thank you, Gavin. You know what you're doing, right? You're bumping up your book to near the top of my TBR list by being awesome.
Naw, you'd ignore me pointing out what I thought the flaws were - I assume, from what you've said so far - and then prove that you're even more awesome.

And I know it was unintentional, because it probably wouldn't have worked otherwise. I'm pretty keen about telling when it is, so...

I just like pointing out that awesomeness is awesome and that's what you're doing. Ugh, going back to the horrible porn I'm buddy reading and trying to escape now. I feel this obligation to read it, though...
Don't even get me started on homophobia. It just pisses me off so much. I was called a tranny for reviewing negatively, so I totally understand. That it's frustrating, and it hurts that someone is trying to humiliate you that way.

Please don't let them humiliate you, though. People have tried with my odd sexuality, and sexual orientation, and I've found ignoring people who try to shame me for that works best, honestly. I'm comfortable with who I am, and I wasn't before; I'm not going back for them. It also really helps that I've been able to come out on BL and everyone - most everyone - has been so supportive. There's a really good support system here.

Ah, it's a buddy read. Not gonna let my buddy down! I'll be done in thirty - it's a short story - then Pacific Rim, Hawkeye, WatXM, and Ultimate Spider-man. I told ya, comic fangirl here.

PS - that list still doesn't temper my rage at the homophobia. What in the pit is wrong with some people? No good slagheaps.
XD Yeah, just too lazy to go upstairs and get All Hail Megatron right now.

Thank god, finished.

And ugh. Hatred is ugly. I'm so sorry you were exposed to that.
:D Thank you! I'm astounded again at how many people are joining in. I feel like I'm learning so much about my friends, and it's just great.
...Bookfanatic 5 years ago
Ok so I'm back, I was halfway through my list and my computer pulled a vanishing act on me. So here I go again.

1. I have been married to the same terrific guy for nearly 28 years. We have 1 child a son, who has brought another wonderful child into our life and that is his partner. Actually my kid has brought several wonderful children into our lives because a lot of his friends just keep reappearing in our home.

2. This is my second marriage. Marriage #1 lasted nearly 5 years and as I like to say we all make mistakes, I just happened to marry one of mine. He was fonder of the booze than me. One of us had to go. The bottle stayed I left. This is what led to my belief that we all make mistakes and the crime isn't in making the mistake it's in not learning from it, I learned from mine. See #1 for proof. I got it right the second time.

3. I come from a large family, 7 children. And we definitely sit firmly on the dysfunctional scale.

4. As you may well guess I love to read, I am compelled to own every book I read. I have not used a library since I was in public school which is over 40 years ago. It's not that I don't like them. I just like to be able to read a book when I want to read it which isn't necessarily when I bought it.

5. I love to do needlecrafts. Counted cross-stitch is a particular favorite of mine.

6. My friends and family consider me accident prone as in MVA (motor vehicle accidents), I've had several. Mainly fender benders and one really serious accident and it's with great pride that I can say my only crime is being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I have not always been the driver in these mishaps and I have never been found to be even 1% at fault for any of these accidents including the one that nearly cost me my life. This is why I cherish the people in my life so much, I know what can happen in the blink of an eye, it's not always pretty.

7. I buried my dearest friend nearly 4 years ago. We knew each other for close to 30 years. I still find myself wanting to tell her things and call her. So I really treasure the friends I have because I know how much it hurts to loose a friend.

8. I recently went into business with my kiddles we were all frustrated with the current economy and because of my age and physical limitations I have as a result of the one really serious accident I had years ago, most employers aren't interested in the skills and experience I can bring to the job and because the kiddles don't have a wealth of experience or a lot of degrees the challenges of finding a job have became frustrating for all of us, so we said "Fine we'll create our own jobs." and thus a business was born.

9. As much as I hate winter and this year I really hate it. I love Christmas. I love Christmas to the extent that I have more Christmas decorations than I can actually use in one year. Decorating is probably my favorite part of the holiday. My tree is covered in decorations that were gifts or have some kind of story to them. We have so many ornaments that when the kid moved out and got his own place we packed up all the tree ornaments that had been given to him over the years and he had enough to decorate his tree, which is a 5 ft tree and I have enough to decorate 3 trees a 6 foot tree, a 4 ft tree and a 2.5 ft tree.

10. I hate dirt and clutter, if I get up in the morning and my kitchen is a mess I turn into a raging bitch (no lie, even I don't like myself) the rest of the house can wait until I've had coffee if it's a mess and I can life with that, but not my kitchen. Hubby and I have learned to take a few minutes and tidy up before going to bed. It's so worth it.

Ok that's my 10 things, I know some of them contained more than one thing, but isn't that the way life goes one thing just leads to another.
I'm sorry to hear about your friend. My heart hurts for you and goes out to you.

As for the accidents, just keep safe. I'm gonna worry about you now!

...Bookfanatic 5 years ago
The accidents seem to have stopped (she says as she crosses her fingers) it's been well over 5 years since the last one, my boss at the time that I had my last accident told me to get the damn hit me sign off of my car. Maybe the jerk that rear ended me because he didn't feel like stopping (as god is my witness that's what he told the police) actually got rid of the imagined sign for me, lol.
What the fuck? He's such a douche. That guy who rear ended you.

And I'm glad now! I like thinking of you safe.
...Bookfanatic 5 years ago
It was the only accident I was ever in that I had my son in the car with me. I had just picked him up from high school and we were heading home. The guy hit me so hard that both the driver's and passenger's seats collapsed. It was the first snowfall and the car in front of me stopped to turn left just past a major intersection, I stopped fine and the idiot in a van slammed into me, I saw him coming and knew he wasn't going to stop but I couldn't do anything there was traffic coming from the other direction and a city bus in the outside lane beside me, so lots of witnesses and a police officer saw the whole thing because he was sitting at the lights at the intersection waiting for the light to turn. I had to send my kid off to the hospital by himself via ambulance because his back was hurt and I had to stay at the accident until the police took everyone's statements. My hubby was just coming back into town so he came right over, good thing too because when I heard the jerk who hit me telling the guy that he shoved my car into that he hadn't felt like stopping and then he proceeded to try and talk him into saying it was my fault. it took my husband and the police officer to physically restrain me. I had my kid in that car dammit, if he'd been seriously hurt I swear that guy would still need to be looking over his shoulder. It was honestly one of the worst experiences of my life especially not being able to go to the hospital with my son.
Just saw this. That's awful! I think that's how my dad felt when he saw us, but my mom told me that story. My dad never, never talks about it. Actually, my mom told me once, then she never talked about it, either. I think it hurts too much to think about ti.
Congrats on 200! This is a great idea to get new users (raises hand) to bridge the gap from feeling like being on the outside looking in, to really becoming a part of the community. I enjoy learning more about the person behind the reviews and I loved your icebreaker (we share 6 in 10 in common, woo /). Okay... enough cheese from me (I'm really bad at this comments thing, hah) but if I can think of 10 things to make a similar post, I'll tag it Grimlock Icebreaker. :D
:D A couple people have called it their Grim list, and I'm like... wool! A list-meme thing named after me!

I was hoping to do that, and like I said, my sexual orientation has turned people off. I figure since I'm open about it, this was a neat way not to make it the focus of my post - yet again - but to let people know what they were getting into.

Honestly, I didn't expect anyone to answer. I feel like I've been jumping around lists the past hour or so, and I'm honestly feeling a bit overwhelmed. No one's fault - I've just got control issues sometimes, and right now I'm feeling out of control. Sometimes that happens when I try to do too much at once! So honestly, a little breather while people take time to think about if they want to do this, and what to say if they do?

I could use a couple minutes to finish up one of my graphic novels :D
I finished mine and just wanted to say thanks again for this great idea, it was a really freeing type experience and perhaps even a bit of a writing exercise too. :)

I'm so awkward with personal words but here goes. I know that overwhelming feeling... it's like excitement overload that after a bit of time is so emotionally draining you just have to step away. As for any haters out there... if they want to be foolish and close themselves off to what life really is (beautiful in its diversity) well, their loss.

When I was growing up (the 90s) being Bi was considered something that only sexually "damaged" people were (and this was coming from both straight and gay "friends" that I had at the time). I figured out, perhaps a bit slowly, that they really weren't my friends at all. I really don't like the word "acceptance" either when it comes to these things... what I think people should really aim for is being supportive/behaving in a respectful manner. You don't have to accept or even bother trying to understand (I don't even understand myself!), but just be supportive in what people love the way you'd want them to support what you love (common sense you would think!).... okay... heading into cheese land, touch down in 5...4...3...2... :D
Bingo! I've had close friends on here say,that's great for you, really, but I can't say I understand. And I've pointed out that they're still awesome for supporting me!

Gay, straight, bi, transgender, whatever people are? I support it. So long as it's safe and consensual. (No kids 'cos they can't give consent, though!)

And yeah, it was just so exciting, and I kept trying to follow each list! So I was like, overwhelmed by the hundreds of responses to each list.
Niiice! Steal, borrow, whatever you'd like to do. I'm just fascinated by all these facts I'm learning about everyone!
Portable Mistletoe 5 years ago
I'm with you on the arachnophobia. The tiniest spiders have me screaming and running away. I won't even step on them, I have to spray them with insecticide from a distance. I blame my sister. When we were kids, she used to take me to where there were nests of Daddy Long Legs and hold me underneath them while she poked them with a stick. Then she'd chase me around while holding one and trying to put it on me.
I finally told my dad about the nightmare, and he was like... that makes a little more sense 'cos you totally freak out.

Ask about when I took my sister to the first Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire. I have a really horrible spider story.
Portable Mistletoe 5 years ago
All right - let's hear the spider story. I'll have to read it with one hand over my eyes.
My sister and I were driving home from that, and suddenly she shrieks. She stars screaming about a spider in the car. I flash back to Parker getting bit, and almost cause an accident. I managed not to swerve into another lane, and swat the spider away, so I was the hero of the day!

But I was so freaked out, too. For a second we were both just screaming 'get it away, get it away!'
My sister and I were driving home from that, and suddenly she shrieks. She stars screaming about a spider in the car. I flash back to Parker getting bit, and almost cause an accident. I managed not to swerve into another lane, and swat the spider away, so I was the hero of the day!

But I was so freaked out, too. For a second we were both just screaming 'get it away, get it away!'
KindleRomance 5 years ago
I feel for you on #10. I can usually follow directions, but I can never if I turned right or left to get to my final destination . Then when I leave, I go the wrong way and become hopelessly lost. Great post!
Directions. I can't do them at all without a map -_-

And thank you!
I got so excited by this idea I went off to write my own before I commented. Thanks for sharing! I learned some things about you I never knew. I'm afraid of spiders, too. There was one in my car this morning! Then it ran under my car and I considered calling in sick to work. I love how you own your sexuality. I really admire that about you.
Thank you! I've worked hard to figure out where I am, so I figure that work is all for nothing if I don't own it. Instead, I've decided to revel in it!

And oh, god, I understand. I freeze up when I see those eight legs!
Library Liz·ard 5 years ago
Very interesting list, I'm glad you've started the trend. Congrats on 200!
I'm glad it became a trend! And thank you. I tried to make it as interesting as possible.
Sock Poppet at Play 5 years ago
Such a cool idea! I'm going to post mine tomorrow.
Awesome! I will look forward to it.
Thank you!

I can't remember which all comments were where now, though. I spent so much time chasing down lists, and commenting on them, and reading them last night, I got almost no reading done! I caught up this morning, and I think I'm going to just try to finish a book or two today!

Love your list by the way!
Chris' Fish Place 5 years ago
Oh dear, I love spiders. They eat skeeters so they are awesome. Hmmm. It's a goodt thing we both love Grimlock, huh? Glad you are still here!
I have this crazy fear of them!

Me Grimlock strongest! (< -- uh, huh, Grimlock. Let's ignore that this has nothing to do with the current conversation!)

Also, thank you! I'm glad I'm here, too!
I have a problem with them all the time! Except oddly enough in Spider-Man.
Harbinger of Books 5 years ago
Congrats on the 200+ followers and very interesting on the technosexual I thought that totally meant something else.
It... kinda does. There's another definition of the word, which is 'talking about gadgets with the enthusiasm that you normally reserve for sex.' There's also people who are into real-life robotized dolls, or people dressing up like robots. I'm kinda an extreme case of the technosexual who is into robots.

And thank you!
Harbinger of Books 5 years ago
Oh good so I am not completely out of the loop :-)
Nope! I just find technosexual a very... sexy word, so I choose to use it as my sexual orientation.
Love this, such a fantastic idea! I will endeavor to do the same, but might be a minute. As an aside, my avatar is currently right between the jaws of the Transformer (sorry, I don't know who it is) and it's both awesome and terrifying. Daleks vs Transformers, a fight for the ages!
Thank you! I'm looking forward to the list.

And that Transformer would be Grimlock. He's always off for me, since I have the Wreckers font and it's larger and funky. But it's hilarious when the avies sit in his mouth. He's also the SG evil version of Grimlock, so he would be the one to try and eat sentient things!

Also, Daleks Vs. Transformers:
That is made of so much win I don't even...It's completely off topic, but I feel compelled to share wonderful online thingys...
Isn't it pretty epic?

Bee and I enjoyed the singing horses very much. But he's giving me 'tired' whines, and I agree. We are going to curl up under the sheets and call it a night.

Thank you!
Isn't it pretty epic?

Bee and I enjoyed the singing horses very much. But he's giving me 'tired' whines, and I agree. We are going to curl up under the sheets and call it a night.

Thank you!
Have a good night, night to Bee, "talk" to you later!
I'm just gonna go ahead and delete that extra post...
Url Phantomhive 5 years ago
I've finally come up with 10 things myself. Thank you so much for the idea!
You're welcome! So glad so many people are doing this, and enjoying it! I kinda can't believe it's still going on; it's way more successful than I anticipated. I'm humbled by how many people have joined in.
Jamie's Book Blog 5 years ago
OMG, I can't believe out of everyone's that I've read that I somehow missed the original one: yours. I'm so sorry. Just been so busy lately.

I'm afraid of spiders too. I was bitten by one that I don't think was poisonous/venomous/whatever but I'm allergic to everything and still have a knot where it bit me. I run into so many Black Widows and Brown Recluses where I live. I'm more afraid of venomous spiders but yeah, they freak me out.

2. Just always be yourself. Your real friends will always accept you for who you are. People who don't just don't deserve you for a friend.

Great list and awesome idea. I'm going to go make mine now :D
I totally understand :D No worries!

Hate spiders. So much!

On 2 - thank you. That's what I'm trying to do - just be myself. Can't wait to read your list!
Glad to know more about you,Grim! I think the thing we really have alike is the geography knowledge (or lacking thereof),I'm terrible at finding myself at places,or even getting there at the first place xD
So, so bad at that! I get it from my dad, and he'd be the first to admit that.