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Derrolyn Anderson 5 years ago
So sad :(
It is. So incredibly sad :(
Lornographic Material 5 years ago
Yeah, I'm crying over here. No joke. Full on bawling. I loved this man.
A lot of people did. And yeah, I'm trying not to cry because I'm not sure when I'll stop if I start. Hearing you're crying is not helping :(
Lornographic Material 5 years ago
He was one of my last remaining heroes from my childhood. Richard Laymon, Chris Farley, and now Robin. Only Stephen King is left. These guys were like fathers to me. They helped mold me into the man I became. I'm fucking destroyed right now. He wasn't just some actor to me.
I actually understand this, even if I don't feel exactly the same way about him. I've heard similar things. The man who legally changed his name to Optimus Prime (leading the Optimus Prime goes to Afghanistan headlines) did so because his father died quite young and he felt like OP was a father figure for him in many ways. It's not exactly the same situation, but that made me stop and think about being raised by TV or books. This obviously doesn't negatively affect people, but it can fill a hole in some way.

You've got to be grieving more than I am, and I'm just... shit. I'm feeling just lost tonight.
E., Robin Williams was an inspiration to me too. From childhood, and from both his imaginative contributions in his live action roles, but animation as well (and I'm a huge animation buff). Williams had such a reputable body of work. I'll always love him for Dead Poets Society (which is one of my favorite movies), and I can't even begin to name how many other roles he's played that had an impact on me.

I think him and Dom DeLuise were two actors I readily recognized by their voices back when I was a kid, and they never failed to make me laugh.
Lornographic Material 5 years ago
Exactly. I'll be messed up over this one for a while.
Hugs. I'm crying while I'm watching Jumanji now.
Tackling Mt. TBR 5 years ago
My heart is breaking for his family. Coping with the death of a loved one is one thing, coping with the suicide of a loved one is something else entirely.
Yes. And even if it had been natural causes, he was so beloved, and it would still be devastating to his family and fans. So sad :(
Agreed. I couldn't believe it when I first heard it! So, so sad :(
We lost a genius today. He will be missed
We did. And he will. :(
No way, seriously? This man is a legend! cant believe he's gone :'(
My whole family felt the same way. So sad :(
Such a shock!
It was :( And so sad.
Char's Horror Corner 5 years ago
I feel so sad about this, which surprises me, because usually, I don't get sad about the deaths of celebrities.
I will always remember him in Good Will Hunting. That was my favorite role of part, because I felt his performance was REAL. It was poignant and it rang true to me. RIP Mr. Williams.
I often get sad just because I get sad at the death of another human being, but no more so with a celebrity than anyone else.

I am going to miss Williams, though. I think he's so big, it just hit a lot of people hard :(
Sarah's Library 5 years ago
One of my favourites from childhood was Mrs. Doubtfire and one of my local channels played it tonight in tribute. I haven't seen that in years. The scene where he sets his 'breasts' on fire while trying to cook a gourmet meal for the family never fails to make me howl with laughter.
Char's Horror Corner 5 years ago
Haha! I loved the scene where his/her teeth fell into her water glass at the restaurant? As she's trying to fish them out, Pierce Brosnan begins to help her and she says "Form a pincer". That phrase has abounded in our house for well over a decade now.
Sarah's Library 5 years ago
And he says it with an 'I've got no upper teeth' lisp. And then he has to perform a very vigorous Heimlich manoeuver on Brosnan due to the chilli he put on his jambalaya. LOL! The way they were bouncing up and down, supposedly with the force of Doubtfire's Heimlich manoeuvers, they looked like they were on a trampoline.

In order to inform myself of what's happened during my absence from BL this afternoon, I was looking back at the posts on my dashboard. After much scrolling I got to posts made over 24 hours ago and I could help thinking 'Robin Williams wasn't dead yet' and I just wish someone could have found him in time, could have talked to him and helped him.

And now I'M getting upset!
I started watching Jumanji again last nigh. Brilliant. This is so sad :(