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Have you tried Comixology? They are an Amazon company, and at least in the US, you can merge accounts. You can check, and if the problem is on Comixology, too, they are really super responsive: they fixed a couple books for me pretty quickly.
Literary Ames 9 years ago
Troy, I still can't find a way to report the error.

Grim, I didn't know Amazon owned them. I signed up and I can access the missing pages. Thanks!
Awesome! I prefer reading on Comixology anyway, although Troy's information may come in handy later on.

Glad to hear you can read it all on Comixology. And no one seems to realize this, but yeah, I posted about merging the content - one way from Amazon to Comixology, which I don't really want it the other way anyway, so good for me - a bit ago.
Literary Ames 9 years ago
Thanks, Troy. For some reason, I thought there'd be a way to do it from the Orders sections.

Grim, I certainly prefer reading it on a larger screen than my phone. I'm certainly going to use Comixology again.
I use it all the time. BTW, Marvel comics/hardcover graphic novels have a free code for a digital copy. You can redeem them at (Again, at least in the use)

They also can merge with Comixology, so I get the comics there,e and prefer reading on Comixology, so I read them there.
Literary Ames 9 years ago
All fixed now.