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Sherlock Lestat 11 years ago
"Fetishizing virginity implies that any woman who has had sex is less important" among other things. I personally blame religion for the misoginism and hypocrisy on the american society. Here in Brazil there's currently a struggle between government and religious parties inside it(some deputies elected by religious groups) that are putting pressure on the government to revoke currently approved laws in favor of gay marriage and legalization of abortion. In the past, they try to stop the approval of research with stem cells. For now, they have lost but that doesn't mean they won't keep trying. Seeing this happening now on the 21th century depresses me a bit, we should have moved forward a long time ago in this regard. But if you look in the past, history will tell you that in the end the world moves on(eventually). Here, at least for now, things seems to getting better.

Ps: I have nothing against religion by itself, the majority of the people who have a religion is not an extremist BUT are the extremists who usually get political representation unfortunately.

Excellent "article" by the way.

Literary Ames 11 years ago
Thanks. I'm an atheist myself. I'm not sure how the extremists get political representation - deep pockets, I guess.
Sherlock Lestat 11 years ago
Brazil still one of the biggest catholicist countries in the world. Poor education(lack of it to be more precisely), poverty, corruption, government incentives and protection of religious groups(the leader of one owns the second biggest media conglomerate here), sum everything and you get extremists with political representation. Just to answer your question. See you...