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Rashika, The Book Owl 8 years ago
i actually made it to the end and let me just say this, this book was definitely not MY favorite mistake. I was miserable when I finished it and resisted the urge to vomit. It was so cheesy. So fucking cheesy. And the author just made a mess of things
I'm really glad I didn't continue. I read some reviews that Taylor never really gets better and I couldn't have handled a whole book with her nonsense.
Rashika, The Book Owl 8 years ago
oh and.. yeah there was some assault in the past... and it was one of those books that handled it pathetically (in my opinion) sending out the same old message, love is all you need.
So that's the big secret huh? *rolls eyes* I guessed. And then I guessed that love was going to be the "cure." Oh, I'm really glad I quit.
Rashika, The Book Owl 8 years ago
I thought it would get better so I held out.... it was a bad decision. But back in the day, I didn't DNF, I tried to finish everything :P I learned my lesson :P
But... but... Angela, she told you he totally deserved it! And we all know that people who punch don't lie; they only reason they get so mad is that their partner *asked for it*. In so many ways. Fuck, i want to punch Taylor.
*facepalm* How could I have forgotten that? Of course she's not to blame at all. He deserved it. /sarcasm. Punching Taylor sounds fun though.
She's asking for it. In so many ways.
I. Want. To. Kill.
For real. I was dumbfounded with that first line. Then when it happened, I was DONE.
Kindle Euphoria 8 years ago
Have to agree here, the book did suck ass. LOL I don't remember my rating or review, but I remember a bit of the story from your review. :D
I'm just so sick of these types of characters - why are there so many of them recently??
Liz Loves Books.Com. 8 years ago
Perhaps you are reading the wrong books? :D (Not that there is such a thing as the wrong books, you never know til you pick 'em up!) but still. Is this another "new adult" book? coz frankly whenever I see a review of one of those they all sound like this one. Like there is some sort of author cabal out there or something that is determined to write characters of this nature...
Yeah, it's apparently new adult - I don't think I realized that at the time I requested it, or if I did I was still in the 'give them a chance' mode. There's so much potential with that age range, that I really would love to see it done well more often. But even romance and urban fantasy (two of my other big go-to genres) have a tendency to use *bitch=strong woman* instead of actually creating a strong woman - so it's definitely not just the NA or YA genres that are at fault here.

LOL - You might get me started on a conspiracy theory now :P
Kindle Euphoria 8 years ago
I've read some good new adult books but this one was one of those that pissed me off. Some of them do annoy the living shit out of me.
Inguling 8 years ago
This book sounds insane. What. The. Hell. Strong woman does not equal abusive woman, jeez. I'm just in a bit of a shock that someone put this on paper and thought it was a good idea.
Right!? Me too!
No Thanks, One big NO here. Thanks for the warning
Glad to help! :)