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Angela 5 years ago
Thanks so much!! :)
Thanks Danielle!! :D
Princess Eva Rose 5 years ago
I took the survey, hope my answers help out.
Thanks Eva!! :D
Thank you!!
Done. Hope it helps
Already took it. Hopefully I didn't overload it with my ramblings rofl. xD
LOL! I'm sure not :) Thank you!
Kate says 5 years ago
Hey, done. Good luck :) Will you share the final outcome? I'd love to see more :) Cheers.
Thanks so much for sharing it everywhere too! I didn't even think about tweeting.

When I start analyzing the data and combining it all I'll definitely share some results :)
Thanks so much Grim!!
You say before reading a couple of my comments. I answered honestly, but not sure how much it'll help you. I hope it does!
Haha! It'll help, anything that gives more insight into what I'm studying, which is people's opinions, thoughts and ideas on this subject helps - I'm looking forward to digging into all the comments :D
I gave you a pretty long one on, I think, the last question. I do hope your getting enough information for your paper!
Mitabird 5 years ago
Thank you!! :D
Thank you!! I've got about 3 weeks to finish the paper, so I need the luck :)
LOL! Tangents are never a bad thing! Thank you :)
I just want to say - again - that you guys are awesome!! I really appreciate the time and answers :)
Just took it!
Kaethe 5 years ago
Thanks so much Merry, Kaethe, Susanna, and Nia! :D
Done... I'm curious about the results. Will you be sharing your research paper with us?
Thank you! And yep, I'm going to share something as soon as I get to dig into them. :)
How many people have taken it?
So far, 122 people have taken it! :D
Thank you! :D
kdhmhmm 5 years ago
Completed. I'm interested to see the results of this.
Thanks! I am too :)
Thank you! :)
Thanks so much! I definitely plan to share some results when I can dig into them more :)
My Never Ending List 5 years ago
Thank you! :)