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I would press charges against that woman, TBH. Or talk to the police to see if you could. That is NOT okay. None of it.

At the very least, speaking to the police might give you a paper trail of this woman acting inappropriately. That is fucking scary.
I second that -- talk to the police. This isn't OK, and that lady needs learn it isn't.
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
I third that. Charges should be pressed against the woman who abducted Eden from her car seat and potentially killing her if had succeeded in breastfeeding. Not that it's ever okay without permission to yank someone's baby out of their car seat or to feed someone else's baby, but for all your DIL knew the woman was unhealthy and could have passed God knows what onto Edenin her milk (assuming, which without medical records the woman would not know, Eden had no allergies or health issues that prohibited her from having milk).

While I sympathize that the police and CPS have to take all complaints seriously, even they shouldn't be investigating just because a kid cried and the mom refused to let a stranger nurse her.
All of this. Everything Themis and Debbie said.
Yikes! So sorry you all went through this, what a weirdo!
isanythingopen 2 years ago
Wow. I'd be pissed. Sorry you guys are having to deal with something like that.
It's creepy as hell.
Angela 2 years ago
We followed everyone's advise and have made a report to the police. At least, if there is any more, they can refer to a file number. While I am sure the police deals with many weird issues, even they kind of looked stunned.
I'm sure they did. Very bizarre! Glad to know that the police know, at least, so if this woman does something else, they'll know there's a trail.
I am so glad you did that. What this lady did is unbelievable, and sooo unacceptable.
isanythingopen 2 years ago
"even they kind of looked stunned"
I'll bet they did.
Probably not something that comes up on a regular basis.

I still can't believe she had the nerve to even consider it.
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
Or that someone presumably (because had breast milk) who has been around babies, toddlers or small children wouldn't know that they usually do cry to get put of car seats, strollers, high chairs, carriers and shopping carts. Particularly when vehicle or humans carrying them are not moving or one favorite family member leaves them wth another (or after they got their "toy" or "treat" so we're done shopping and screaming bloody murder). Most babies I know will even raise their arms and try to get anyone including strangers to lift them out of anything once past the newborn just-lay-where-you-put-them-scream-if-mom-leaves stage.

Sheesh. That woman clearly has issues.
isanythingopen 2 years ago
Mine cried for all sorts of reasons that had nothing to do with being hungry.
I cried when a dude held me as a baby. Including, I believe, my dad. I just started wailing.
isanythingopen 2 years ago
My mom told me I usually didn't want my father to pick me up either.
I don't think I cried, but she said I would push him away.
It didn't last long, but it was a phase. And it wasn't just my dad: I offended my grandfather because I wouldn't let him pick me up, either. Any dude.

I think once I was a little older I was fine. By the time they took me to the beach, I was okay with my dad holding me, because the story is that he picked me up - no crying - and tried to put me in the sand. I made a face and my little legs lifted up and up the lower I got. They said it was kind of nice, though, because I hated the feeling of sand in general. If they went to the beach, they could lay out a towel for me, and I would be perfectly content to stay right there, thank you very much. No worries about me running into the sea and drowning or running off and them not being able to find me when they turned the other way for a second.