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Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
I hope everything works out well.

Melons and milk sugars -- even beyond the carb count -- can really impact different diabetic metabolisms in unpredictable fashion.
Angela 1 year ago
Thanks Debbie, my daughter works with me and literally has every help imaginary at her fingertips, physiotherapist, massage therapist, personal trainer and nutritionist. And she was so slender to begin with and while apparently she gained quite a bit, it does not show. This diagnosis came out of nowhere. The only thing I can think of, is she loves grapes, melons and oranges, all high in fructose, so she will have to revamp her diet.
Sorry to hear about your own pain and your daughter's diagnoses, but congrats on the grand baby. I'm also sorry to hear about your fur babies.
Obsidian Blue 1 year ago
Hope everything works out okay! So sorry about your dogs!