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Bark's Book Reviews 12 months ago
Hmm, I didn't realize Bookbub allowed reviews either or had profile sections. I never even thought to look for reviews there. I cross post everything. First to GR & BL and then to my blog, Amazon/Audible, and if it's horror related I will post some reviews to Horror After Dark.
Angel's Guilty Pleasures 12 months ago
I didn't know about BookBub's reviews until I got an email from them saying you can post reviews, so I'm going through my reviews and cross posting them their. I have a lot... GR is the first place I post and then I'll do all the other sites on a day that I pick. I try to release day reviews out, but I don't always make it on the day of release. It's great to share and support authors. Thank's for checking out TMST and sharing with me. ^_^