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Interesting! So, these revisiting of old couples also come with new ones?
Yes. The main romance features new characters that are entering the training program. Butch, Rhage, V, and Lassiter are involved in the exercises. Lassiter is mainly comic relief. Rhage and V are mostly peripheral. The secondary storyline focuses on Marissa's issues with her brother and the gylmera and Butch putting her on a pedestal.

Never once did I feel like skim reading. I wonder if Ward has a new editor because this spin-off doesn't have the multiple storylines in the BDB, which became worse and worse to the point where the romance felt like a token plot line to maintain the romance label. Some BDB books were so sloppy! There were so many tangents! Ugh! This is not the case with Blood Kiss.
Cool! I quite reading because the villian's point of view going on and on makes me nuts.
The way Ward wrote the Lessers was always a waste of time. Every time one seemed interesting his baby powder essence was sucked away. The suspense was focused on a different type of villain.

You should be able to borrow this from the library (paper or digital). Since I felt burned by the BDB I borrowed this from my local digital library.
Good idea!