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BrokenTune 5 years ago
Can I hit the "like" button over and over on this headline please?
Yes you can. I was afraid to hit a nerve when I wrote this...I did not want to offend any particular sensibilities BT...
BrokenTune 5 years ago
As for you excerpt, ... Looks to be either a caper or a horror story but it might not quite make it to the erotica section. Then of course, I am not expert in this.
This book makes me tired.
What makes me tired is that no one thinks I should quit my day-job Obsidian...lmao!
Q: "So if you could meet your future self, what would you like to tell him?"
15 YO future book reviewer: "Well, I've got this bit of writing here where I seem to be, um, (giggles) stuck in a spot, so maybe if I can't pull it off right now (giggles some more) right now, maybe he could, you know, (barely suppresses another giggle) take another stab at it?"
Oh my God! I think we both have a knack for the stuff!!!!! I loved all of your "innuendos" (*wink wink*). And How Hard can it be to write a bestseller? (sorry. couldn't resist...*snarf snarf*)
Well, judging by "50 Shades" ...