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I'm glad to hear that this isn't completely terrible, because I grabbed it when it was free and have been looking at it askance ever since. I was a little too scared to start it after the last Snow White retelling fiasco I jumped into.
A Throne of Books 7 years ago
It wasn't as bad as I assumed. I went in with fairly low expectations though :p
Interesting concept! I'm with you on unfinished endings. I don't mind reading a series (I read loads of them), but I prefer those that have a full realized ending even if the overall story continues into the next book. Also not a big fan of cliffhangers.
A Throne of Books 7 years ago
I think I could have handled a cliffhanger for once. But they added another huge issue in the last chapter and it was like get the next book to see if either is resolved -_- I'm too annoyed to pay the 2.99 currently.