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Wow! I see some really awesome books in that stack! I don't even know how you choose. Maybe just shuffle them around and go in blind?! I totally fail at doing this myself. My solution for not knowing which amazing book to read next, as of late, has been to just buy more books lol. Worst/best solution ever!
A Throne of Books 7 years ago
I was thinking maybe put the names in a hat. I want to read them all and the order is less important to me right now. Oh my goodness I know that problem. I currently have like 15 books coming in the mail. I'm shameless xD I need to force myself to read these before I get more.
There you go! Names in a hat totally works. Yes! The worst part for me right now is that I've put a book buying ban on myself for the past few weeks now because I need to stop, and Bookoutlet has been relentless in sending me tempting emails. It took everything in me to not use the $5 off two weeks ago, and today those sonsabitches sent me a $10 off $30 code! The force is strong with them lol.
A Throne of Books 7 years ago
Haha they must know we're weak and will nearly always succumb to a sale! Darn them!
And they would be completely right, I totally caved last night and ordered 11 new books lol
A Throne of Books 7 years ago
Oh gosh I'm avoiding sales like the plague right now. I bought new furniture recently for my bedroom and I don't have much extra funds, gotta stay strong!
Url Phantomhive 7 years ago
I used to love Inkheart!
A Throne of Books 7 years ago
I've been meaning to read the series for years. Found this books for 3 dollars, not in the best condition but hey maybe I'll finally get it read! :P
A Throne of Books 7 years ago
Haha I can't do that to my preciouses
RedT Reads Randomly 7 years ago
You've only had them in your possession for a few hours and already, this.
Lol. I totally get it.
Fun books! Looks like you can't go wrong, so just close your eyes and grab one!
All of these look fabulous. I loved Rebecca and and Cinder for sure, and there are a few others that I have been meaning to read because they look so great. Only one of these I didn't like was Inkheart; can't really explain why, but it just hit me the wrong way. Might be worth re-reading it and trying to finish the series at some point.
A Throne of Books 7 years ago
Rebecca and Graceling will be rereads for me. Rebecca because I remember loving it and couldn't help myself on my last trips to Hastings (I have no idea if this is a local chain or what xD sadly we have very few independent bookstores that I know of by me.) And Graceling because I finally own the other 2 in the series! I've heard tons of mixed opinions on Inkheart, I just know the concept is interesting and I'll have to see which way I lean when I read it! Haha if you don't own a copy I'd be willing to send you this one after I read it. It was cheap and not in great display condition :)
The concept for Inkheart is definitely fascinating, so it might be a matter of over-hype that made me not like it. Thank you so much for the offer, that's very kind, but I'll probably grab it (digitally...gasp!) from my library. ;)

I'd love to hear what you think on a re-read of Graceling; I'm still debating picking up the next two in the series and more information never hurts.
A Throne of Books 7 years ago
I finally got hooked up with my library digitally this week, I love it but their selection of ebooks is pretty low for now. Oh well it's still awesome. :D
I'll probably actually post a review this time when I do read it :)