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Murder by Death 2 years ago
Well, I don't know if it'll help, but this is the post I did that outlines how I rate books:

My ratings are also genre-specific: a 5 star literature read is obviously not equal to a 5 star cozy mystery read. :)

Good luck!
A Throne of Books 2 years ago
Thank you so much. I'll definitely read through this post. :D
I do mine by whim, based primarily on my enjoyment of the book and allowing for good writing that might have been just not my thing. If I rate 1 or 2 stars, I totally hated it! Anything decently written deserves 3 IMO. The only exception would be offensive material.
A Throne of Books 2 years ago
That's pretty similar to how I've been doing mine. I had no problem with it until today. I woke up and decided that it wasn't working for me anymore.
deannahello 2 years ago
I think I tend to rate high as well. I only have a handful of 1 stars and a fair few of my 3 stars are probably actually 2's. I don't always review right after I finish, but I always rate right after. I think there are pros and cons for both waiting and going with your initial reaction.
A Throne of Books 2 years ago
Yeah I look back through some of my 3 star ratings and I'm like really, that book kinda sucked. But that's true, I just wish I could decide which I actually prefer.
For me 3 stars seems to be my go-to rating. Decent book, enjoyed it and would read more if it was a series. 4 stars means it had a little something special and 5 stars is outstanding. I find most non-fiction I read falls into 4 & 5 stars. 2 stars is me being generous for a really mediocre book and one star means I got through it ... barely.

I don't stress about ratings too much ... reading is such a personal thing ... the rating system is for me to have an overview of what I thought. Someone else might LOVE something I rated low. It's arbitrary.
A Throne of Books 2 years ago
Fair point. Since everyone gets different reactions from the books I shouldn't worry about it. See I say that and it sounds so obvious but putting it into action isn't the same. I'm the kind of person who stresses out constantly. Sometimes even to the point I stress that i stress too much. I got shingles at 18 so yeah xD sums it up.
Bark's Book Reviews 2 years ago
I start at a 3 which is an average, okay book. Don't sweat it. I sometimes go back, look at my ratings and think "WTH was I thinking?" but I'm too lazy to change them.
A Throne of Books 2 years ago
Amen. I think, knowing me, that will be how this will end up. I'll worry about it, start to change them and before I'm 1/4 of the way done I'll decide it doesnt matter and stop so I can do something more enjoyable.
Three stars is a perfectly good, average read. (I use a bell curve rating system.) 5 star books I absolutely adore and I see no way of improving. (Rare) 4 star reads are a lot more common, and are books I enjoyed quite a lot, but aren't quite that good.

2 star books are distinctly below-average, but still have something going for them. Or would work for someone else, but not me.

1 star reads are terrible. Frequent grammatical errors. Poor prose style. Numerous oops in historical or other detail. Another reason for this rating could be "book is actively misogynistic, racist, etc." and does not have the excuse of being from a century when that was more common.

I re-rate things sometimes; some books improve in the memory, others decline.

This was a good reading year; 3 five-star reads, a couple just off that, and I don't think anything under a 2/2.5.
A Throne of Books 2 years ago
That is a very good year following the system you listed. From what I can tell that seems to be a go to for many people with maybe just slight variation. I guess that's what mine is except I'm much more lenient with my 4s and 5s. I may just have to get slightly more specific guidelines on how I choose my ratings so i don't feel like I'm just randomly choosing when I look back on past reads.
I just use what works for me. Sometimes I have a hard time giving any rating at all, too.