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Merle 3 years ago
Great review of a wonderful book! I completely relate to the worrying about something so it won't happen thing. Probably because I've read way too much fiction, I assume that the really awful things that happen are the ones you don't take seriously, while the problems you expect don't materialize - basically, whatever you expect to happen, doesn't. Which makes total sense in fiction (it's the Unspoken Plan Guarantee - it's boring to both read about the anticipation of an event, then read about its unfolding, so authors either do one or the other). Not so much in real life, but superstitiously I believe in it anyway.
A Throne of Books 3 years ago
Exactly. I felt a wave of relief realizing I must not be the only on that thinks this way. I always think of the worst things that could happen and it helps me to relax a little knowing that it probably won't now. :)